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  1. I bought a set from there and the filters don't fit. Couldn't see any original banjo fittings on there, just reproduction ones.
  2. Finally finished fitting the exhaust system. I made a pipe with a flexi joint and welded the fittings off the old cat on each end, worked a treat!!
  3. I had a look at the exhaust today. The S2 gearbox bracket held the silencer way too low. The Fed S1 bracket moved it a bit higher but it was still too low for the larger diameter silencer from the S2. I decided the cut the support plate off the Fed bracket and weld it to the S2 gearbox plate in a higher position. I then noticed the lower part of the plate is wider than the S1 plate, the spoiler wouldn't fit over it. I had to cut some bits off and now I think the silencer is in a good position. I compared the new S2 down pipe with the Fed S1 pipe and they were identical. The Fed Cat was also the same length as the S2 middle silencer. I put the original down pipe back on and cut the ends off the old cat and will weld a flexi joint on to link the rear silencer to the downpipe.
  4. Yeah I fitted Alloy tanks, one of my steel one was fine, the other was shot. The Delorean was a good car, under powered and a bit heavy though. If you ever get one, be sure to change the trailing arm bolts! I had one snap and the car spun in the road, Luckily I was only doing 20MPH at the time.
  5. I'm not a big fan of the pod mirror look.....I'll gladly take your steering wheel off your hands though 🙂
  6. Yeah that's the one, I bought a new roof panel from SJ....still need an original steering wheel though, hard to find. Yes keeping it LHD, I've had few LHD cars in the UK and it never bothered me...A Delorean and a Golf G60, it's quite nice stepping out onto the pavement. I guess if I ever sell it, it would be good for a European buyer.
  7. Yes West coast cars are great, only small areas of surface rust on the suspension, some parts looked like new. The car had been parked in a garage for 27 years. The interior was shot unfortunately, previous retrim, a bad one. It was brown originally. I have all new carpets, boot floor panels etc. The seats and dash will be the final part once its mechanically sorted. Front suspension out next. I read all the horror stories about seized bolts on the rear hubs etc, mine only took a gently tap to remove, zero corrosion. Nice job on your engine, looks amazing !
  8. Yes I set the pulleys right when I replaced the belt and the front and rear crankshaft seals. Yep blanked the air injector holes. I forget how much, somewhere around £90 a wheel.
  9. The funny thing is, I emailed James at SJ today asking why the silencer straps didn't fit (too big) He said oh you need s1 straps....But the rear bracket is S2, the Exhaust system is S2, surely the straps should fit that, albeit in the wrong position.
  10. Yes, I thought you had fitted an S2 system to an S1, no worries. There can't be that much difference from S1 to S2, I'm sure I can make it fit after I fit the S1 gearbox bracket back on, make some cuts and weld it up. I have a new vacuum advance style distributor, removed all the air pump rubbish, set of refurbed Dellortos as well. I used a company called, spit and polish, very reasonable prices. Lets see if we can figure this out then. If I stick the S1 gearbox support bracket back on, the exhaust should be at the right height. Is the rear box itself the same unit as the S1 uses? as in, does the exit pipe come out in the same place? If not then I guess I'll have to take the whole lot back to SJ. I don't mind cutting the middle pipe up , I don't think I'd want to chop the rear box up 🙂
  11. Oh I guess there must have been some confusion at the start of this thread then, I assumed you knew my car was an S1 when you gave me the part numbers 🙂 Oh well, I'll figure it out.
  12. Ah I see, I guess the S2 Valance is deeper and allows for the rear box to sit lower. I'll see what I can do using the old box and bracket as a reference. I've got a welder, I can chop it about if I have to. So did you buy an S1 system or S2 system from SJ for your S1?
  13. Hi Dave, I ordered all of these parts some time ago. Today I got time to trial fit the exhaust system.....It doesn't fit hahah, The rear box seems way too low and the exit pipes too far to the right. Take a look at the photos and see if you can spot anything wrong. Your setup fits an S1 right with Euro rear valance?
  14. Me? No, it was a pain not being able to park it anywhere and constantly worrying about someone trying to steal it or scratch it. I enjoyed restoring it from a rusty heap more than driving it.
  15. Sold my 911 a few months back to carry on with the restoration.
  16. My Home village Holt was famous for a few things.....Prince Phillip would have his private train carriage backed onto an old section of track off the main line and meet his mistresses there. Charles met princess Di there a few times before they were married, no doubt a few others as well 🙂 Other than that, it was well known for wife swapping haha usually blamed on the Chamois leather factory water leaking into the water table 🙂 Oh and the Pomagne 24 hour lawn mower race in the 70s. That was great fun.
  17. I'm about to put my rear shocks back on the car but I have federal rated springs and the car is now Euro spec weight wise. Does anyone have a spare Euro set I could buy? I can't see any original rated springs online anywhere.
  18. I'll give 1 of these ago, the correct EPDM material and 50mm should fit.
  19. yes its behind the piston so there must be. Not in the lever section though. There are 2 seals.....1 small one where lever shaft exits (no fluid there) and a large one between the main caliper body and the part that bolts on the back. in the joint where I have marked red in the photo. sits in that recess.
  20. I recently bought a seal kit from SJ to rebuild my rear calipers, unfortunately it didnt come with the square profile seal that goes in the handbrake mech between the body of the caliper and the bit that bolts on. 1 of mine was fine but the other was shot. Does anyone know who can supply these ?
  21. I'll pull the one that is still in there out and get a bunch made up.
  22. Success in removing the engine today. I fixed a strap around the gearbox and around a pole laying across the boot floor....wedged some wood under the sump and the removed the engine mounts and gearbox support bolts. Lowered the car down and placed a trolley jack with a block of wood on top under the sump, I then lifted the car and pulled the engine and box out from underneath. No engine hoist needed.
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