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  1. Thank you! Time to start sourcing the parts
  2. Thanks all! Will post more photos in the appropriate thread soon enough
  3. Thank you for the welcome! A Lotus is pretty rare everywhere, but you wouldn't believe the attention it gets here in Croatia. People love it I'll be there Ci vediamo!
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  5. Hi, a new Lotus owner here, so some help would be greatly appreciated. Bought the car last October and have since done around 14-15k km, a couple of trackdays and 3 oil changes. It's use it approximately 75% roaduse and 25% track (nothing too serious) I have a couple of questions regarding a bigger service I plan on doing soon: So far I used the oil that my dealer recommended, Petronas 0w-40. I only changed the engine oil, didn't drain the oil cooler in the front. Would it be better to switch to a 15w-50 or similar? I don't mind having to warm it up for a bit longer. If i switch to a different oil I presume I'll have to change the oil in the front oil cooler as well? Do I need any special tools, or plugs afterwards for it? How often does the oil in the oil cooler need to be changed? Also, so far I just used the toyota OEM filter. Anything better to recommend? gearbox oil? I'm not sure what comes as standard with the car. The manual (which is in German ) says it only needs it every 90k km, that doesn't sound right. Should I be looking at motul 300v gearbox oil 75w90 or something else? Also, how much do I need? Air filter. The K&N sport air filter from Komotec seems to be perfect as it's an easy swap and better than the OEM if I'm not mistaken? Last, brake pads. Performance Friction or Carbon Lorraine? Just a bit confused since some shops list different front and rear pads while other offer the same. Would these pads fit (I hope I'm allowed to post a link, not advertising or anything, it's just very difficult to find shops that will ship to Croatia). Did I miss anything? I know this is a lot of questions, but as i mentioned it's really difficult getting any reliable info where I am. Anybody who bothers to answer some of my questions has a free lunch on me once they're in Croatia!
  6. Hello, as the title says, a new-ish Exige owner from Croatia. The car is an Exige 380 (70th anniversary edition) in Empire green. Bought it last October (2018), after nearly dying on track in my F-type (I might be slightly over-dramatic 😁 ) As there really aren't many (or any for that matter) Lotus around me, getting any adivce on Lotus ownership and maintenance is a bit difficult. Looking forward to being part of the community.
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