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  1. Curious whether you are a local or a visitor?
  2. I was the loser pedestrian on the Kings Rd wearing a Lotus 70 cap giving you a thumb's up!
  3. ICYMI Article from BTNews: Lotus celebrates 70 years and expansion
  4. Damn! That would have made a great synchro pair for a "Friday Flyby" of Hillingdon! Next time?
  5. Guilty... On way home from my Heathrow office
  6. The man and his creation... Great to meet Oliver Winterbottom at Hethel and hear some of his stories first-hand!
  7. I wonder whether David Thieme ever paid the bill for this launch party?
  8. Nice 1/18 Evora 410 on its way from Tecnomodel - but not so "nice" price - £269.99 (and what's going on with that door glass?)
  9. Passed me in oppo direction northbound 1030 this morning. Too quick to ID beyond clocking it was a Stevens with a rear tea tray!
  10. I believe there is a full English language version of last year's Superswede movie due out soon; Here's the original trailer...
  11. One more - how's that for Lotus colour symmetry?
  12. Ronnie Peterson's greatest drives: On the 40th anniversary of his tragic death, Autosport pays tribute to Ronnie Peterson with a look back at his finest moments (Subscription needed to access whole article)
  13. Thoughts with Team Lotus legend "SuperSwede" today 40 years after his tragic accident at Monza on 10 Sep 78 and his untimely passing in the early hours of the following morning at Milan's Niguardia hospital.
  14. Thanks to the "Chrises" and everyone at Hofmann's for a good get-together today. Great to see some familiar faces. Here are a few more general pics of the gathering - but not money shot of the lovely bacon butties!
  15. Looking forward to this. Johnny has done some great books on Lotus and has a direct connection to the JPS era as he worked in the JPS motorsport press office. Should be a great book. (And it gives me an excuse to run another of my pics of Dan C's 91 with his old JPS V8!) )
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