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  1. Made the pilgrimage to Delamare Road where I'm pleased to report that the former Lotus and Lotus Components/Team Lotus buildings remain intact (the former looks unoccupied while latter continues as "Monster Gym"). Most of the other buildings around these two have now been demolished so unfortunately I don't think it will be too long before the bulldozers move in...
  2. Great little clip from almost 40 years ago that's recently been posted on YT of a G Turbo racing a Kitty Hawk down the runway. Also good to finally hear PR legend Don McLauchlan speaking!
  3. Really enjoying the motoring newsstands at the moment... 😀 @Suddabym
  4. This looks interesting (but that White Turbo’s mirrors should be black🤔)
  5. Hadn't spotted that S1/Emira overlay before. Thanks @TomE My Esprit V8/Emira cabin comparison is a gentle reminder to "younger viewers" that luxurious Lotus interiors aren't new with Emira...
  6. Interesting to read in Car mag that the Emira's interior is "inspired by the Esprit, with a high centre console..." so I thought I'd "montage" the two cabins. I really enjoy the snug feel of the Esprit's cabin, with "its driver and one selected companion" nestled each side of the chassis tunnel, as well as the higher gearstick position versus the Evora. The Emira looks to have a similar config.
  7. I've been to BGP Friday every year for decades (other than last year!) and it was the most crowded I'd ever seen. More an effect of "escape from lockdown" than the change to the quali format I reckon, from what the first timers I spoke to said. Two Friday pics - the grandstand shot was taken at the end of Quali and the crowds shot is at 19:45! And the traffic jams leaving reminded me of the 1990s!
  8. Snapped it on phone as it headed through Infield en route to paddock to be delivered to Checo Perez apparently (British GP Friday)
  9. Interesting mix lined up outside Lotus Silverstone yesterday
  10. Someone spotted you...
  11. Sounded great as it headed down infield to the F1 paddock this morning
  12. They’re the early fit Compomotive split rims on my 81 dry-dump. Looked lovely but I always seemed to have at least two with air leaks
  13. Any clues how many Esprits turned up at FOS this year? I know at least 4 did (the 3 pictured on this thread plus mine). I didn’t see any others in the car parks. Ended up leading a formation of porkers into the top public car park in Friday
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