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    Lotus Esprit V8 SE ("UK Last 15")
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  1. Motorsport Magazine Emira V6 acceleration 0-200 km/h
  2. How about a "Nigel Mansell JPS Esprit" tribute Emira I4...?
  3. I think the production team at Key Books that has published the British sports car guide need to find a better picture editor... 😟
  4. Great line-up of mid-engined Lotuses headed by an assortment of Esprits during the recent (I believe) Sakura Morning Cruise in Japan (tweeted by @miniesprit)
  5. A brief history of Lotus versus Ferrari Car magazine cover splashes...
  6. Emira to be GT3 and GT4 Safety Car throughout 2022, starting this weekend at Oulton. Pic British GT
  7. When Roger suggested it, Cubby asked how the fish could have got inside the car underwater. Roger apparently replied saying something like: "It's a movie, Cubby!"
  8. Great flying by the legendary helo stunt pilot Marc Wolff This is superb, and love how the authentic score has been added
  9. Saw TSWLM on the big screen at the weekend at the Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Sq. Still one of the greatest movie car chases IMHO.
  10. Heading northbound. Followed in my Esprit briefly before I exited for Henley
  11. Nice set of pics of the recent Esprit meet at Otake Beach, Hokota City, Japan, tweeted by @miniesprit
  12. How my I4 might be presented... 😀 (image modified from @TomE post of Eletre launch insta pics)
  13. My new mug - FYEO tribute
  14. Screengrab of the gorgeous Hethel Yellow black pack Emira on the move at last night’s Eletre launch
  15. *I meant the S2 was the 910 mule (not V8!)
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