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  1. Emira in... Norwich (via Lotus Cars Twitter)
  2. In an unlikely development, the guidance in the email update for my I4 reserved “delivery” has come forward from Q1 2024 to “2023”. But I’m keeping my expectations in check!
  3. V8 versus V8... One of my pics (nicely positioned by Emma Woodcock) from her Alternative Cars magazine road-test "shoot out" between my V8 and a TVR Cerb. Mag is out now on news stands and worth a look!
  4. Thanks. It's the original JPS Team Lotus transporter from early to late 1970s. Now parked in a side road near Chertsey. It's got great low-speed traction but understeers like a North Sea ferry...
  5. At least I'll have this to keep me occupied until then...
  6. Placed reserve dep for I4 last week and B&C advise delivery will be Spring 2024 😳
  7. Neat pics, Barrie. Chobham Common? Emma did the V8 shoot near Henley where I think your Elise pics were taken
  8. Striking NGK sparkplug half-page DPS advert from Autocourse 1981-82. Still a head turner (and stops you being a page turner!)
  9. Anyone know what sort of delivery guidance Lotus Cars quotes for a UK customer ordering now (I4 FE if there are any left)? H1 2024?
  10. Collins Aerospace line-up...
  11. Scans of a couple of my old prints from Club Lotus meet at Donington in around 1996 or 1997
  12. Approaching Wycombe at 1820 today (from Silverstone?)
  13. Watching the video of the Emira going up the hill in the drizzle at G-FOS and it occurred to me that it must be the first factory Lotus with dual windscreen wipers since the M100 (which was Hethel's last effort to build a mass-production sports car 😟)
  14. Lovely car but devalued in my eyes by its Turbo Esprit body kit (even if it was factory fitted, which I doubt!). SW Lotus told me that "a lot of people back in the day fitted the turbo body kit when the Turbo came out" but I can't recall seeing other UK S3s with the kit (although I have seen earlier S1/2s modified such) This 2004 V8SE FE (12k miles) apparently sold in USA this week for $135k (that's £110k at today's e/rate).
  15. Congrats Fabian. That’s my former boss (and Flight International editor) Allan Winn inspecting your 907 unit in the pic. He (fondly) dubbed my Essex Blue Turbo Esprit a “Tupperware Speedboat”!
  16. Shame it has a Turbo Esprit body kit - as May would say, “that’s casual”
  17. Congrats, Shaun. Super machine. Loved my (red) GT3. Enjoy!
  18. Andrew Frankel tested the Emira today: Drove Emira on road and track today. Can’t say a thing about it until June 7th. In other news, if you want one, it’s sold out for the next two years.
  19. Another nice angle on the Hethel Yellow Emira at the Driving Academy (pic Lotus Cars)
  20. Motorsport Magazine Emira V6 acceleration 0-200 km/h
  21. How about a "Nigel Mansell JPS Esprit" tribute Emira I4...?
  22. I think the production team at Key Books that has published the British sports car guide need to find a better picture editor... 😟
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