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  1. There used to be an extra Wi-Fi upgrade on Deroure for 286. Making the prices for both options the same.
  2. If you want laptimer, AIM is the way to go. I think the FE dash looks really good. But it does miss some features. And you don't see that in the price 😄
  3. It is already available on Deroure for a few months. But not clear if it is compatible with older cars.
  4. I understand, it's work in progress 😄 Seeing the indicators and shiftlights is more essential than the looks...
  5. Can you set the digital dash so you can see what gear you are in? The "normal" AIM dash has this option but I am curious if this version has it as well.
  6. Compared to the original AIM the FE version appears to miss the gear indicator. Can somebody confirm this? Or correct me..
  7. Hi all, After not driving for a week I noticed an extreme soft clutch pedal and had some difficult gear changes for a few miles. After that the pedal stiffened up and everything was smooth again. Anybody an idea what the underlying problem can be? Car is a 2014 Exige V6 with 28.000 miles. Cheers, Rob
  8. Mixed signals from Lotus.... I have an email in which the Lotus aftermarket sales dept. is looking into making the TFT available as an option for older cars later this year. Time will tell.....😁
  9. OK, thanks. Good option if I can see them at all.... 😉
  10. Is a new shiftlight pattern something extraordinary? Or have others users done this succesfully without problems?
  11. It appears to me that the armrest in the 620 is a bit in the way when using the gearlever?
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