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  1. Is there a solution for the "lights on" alarm after taking the key out?
  2. How wide are the roof stripes at the widest point? I want to try to replicate them
  3. Maybe just the wrong picture for the right car.... My guess is a real 410
  4. Not made up your mind yet? I thought the 2Bular would be on the car by now
  5. Does the boltsize in the picture fit around the fuelcap? To @EliseExige:
  6. Anyone have tips how to replace the original plastic sills? I am just missing a fraction of an inch to slide them in the right place. So there must be some sort of trick to get it right? I can sand a small piece from the top. Not a real problem because in the end that part will disappear behind the other console. But there must be a simple way.
  7. Ok, no problem. Thanks for the info. Ok, no problem. Thanks for the info.
  8. Is het rood op de splitter gespoten of geplakt?
  9. Anyone have tips how to remove the plastic sillcovers in the right order on my 2014 Exige S? Considering leather trim or CF replacement.
  10. Goed te zien dat ik niet de enige ben die de combi zwart met rode accenten kan waarderen
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