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  1. Picked up earlier today. Robert Beke at Silverstone has been great to deal with. Exhaust in open mode very addictive and seats are very supportive and comfortable. Just need practice on getting in and out easily !
  2. Thanks chaps - car has now been delivered to Silverstone so went to look in the flesh - very very pleased with the spec.At the moment after talking with them thinking full front half way up clam plus sills etc for PPF then Ceramic on everything else. They were against full bonnet PPF given issues they had seen on previous fittings. I suppose I could get A pillars and mirror backs done but then its the usual question of where do u stop ?
  3. Hi All, Just ordered via Silverstone - test drove the 350 ( great fun but didn't feel too scary ) then man maths dictated that I would want to spec that up to within not that much more to a 410 - I have both carbon and alcantara fetishes ! Manged to get the already built stock list from Lotus and went for Riviera Blue with yellow calipers and yellow interior pack plus most other options.Had just sold my Porsche 997 GT3 ( owned from new also in Riviera ) so the Lotus 410 seemed a great replacement idea in every way.Car is for weekend fun and will sit alongside an Aston GT8 - nice contras
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