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  1. Goatboy

    Bit of T-cut?

    Just spotted this on ebay. Should polish out right? On a more serious note I wonder what happened. Hope everyone was ok?!?
  2. Thanks Bibs. Thought I had already tried that but obviously not!! Full membership also bought. So handy this forum and a great bunch of people. Easily worth £24!
  3. Hi. Maybe a daft question but I cant login to the classifieds to reply to some adverts. Do I have to be a fully paid up member or something? (Was thinking of upgrading anyways...) Thanks Dan
  4. If it's the same as my pioneer unit it actually says what the password is when you go into the Bluetooth menu. Mine was 1111
  5. Are the sill sections matte black or gloss? Hard to say on the photos I have seen and I've not actually seen one in the flesh.
  6. More to the Sr than I thought. Was thinking sills and roof. Wing mirrors are already black as is the diffuser.
  7. Ha ha! Good detective work Bravo. I have indeed got the one from Silverstone. It was on SOR with Silverstone but I actually met the owner elsewhere and purchased it privately. Lotus Silverstone have been fantastic though and are currently servicing the car before I pick it up on Thursday. I was already considering getting the roof wrapped for the sports racer look. Think I will have to let the bank balance recover slightly before I do it though, for me the colour is stunning in the metal (plastic?) But I can see it's not for everyone.
  8. Well decision made! I drove the S IPS today and loved it! Deposit paid. Picking it up in a week! #longestweekever
  9. This car has been around for a while but price has just dropped. Cheapest S I can find...
  10. That does look like a good buy actually!
  11. I spoke to Will about that car and yes sold almost immediately. He keeps a database of potential buyers so I suspect he had a buyer before he even advertised it...
  12. Thanks Beady. Interesting that you are one of the few people who have said they didnt get on with the IPS. I recall the reviews at the time of its release being a bit scathing.
  13. Well in my opinion I would never buy a Porsche!!
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