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  1. I purchased a 2012 car in your price range just over a year ago. Ive been slowly tidying up and doing a few jobs. The car has been thoroughly reliable with just minor tweaks needing like gas boot struts, and mud guard brackets. It's no harder to work on than any other car on my opinion. It has some quirks and some things are a little tricky to get to but if you are used to lotus you are probably used to that. It's fantastic as an everyday car, plenty of space, comfy seats, good sized boot. Cruises on the motorway superbly, but is also massively fun bad capable when you get the chanc
  2. Looks good. Did you order 50mm or 54mm? I used 54mm and it seemed perfectly sized to me.
  3. Ok I think this is a daft question. I was chatting to a GT 410 owner today and they asked about the manual boot release. EASY! I said, pulled the seat base off behind the driver's seat to be presented with a black carpet and no obvious way to get under it. In my MY12 the release is just there when you pull the seat up, no extra carpets or anything. Is the release on a 410 under the black carpet? How do you pull it away to get at the release if so? I'm sure it's obvious but didn't want to ruin their car! Thanks all Dan
  4. Honestly? yes I would. What I have used is really high quality. It's slightly domed. Has a nice thick shiny gel coat. It's 98% as good as the original. Sure it only cost £3 but that doesn't mean it's not a quality product. Nobody would know the difference apart from very serious lotus affecianados. You think the badge lotus use cost them more than £3? I seriously doubt it.
  5. By the way I used a 54mm badge which was a perfect fit! It was quite the job to get the old sticker off as there isn't much of an edge to get under but it is possible....
  6. I purchased a £3 sticker off eBay. Peeled off the old badge, remove the printed bit from the chrome bit. Sanded off a bit of the dome (the sticker isn't shaped so may not stick so well on a heavy curve). Stuck on new badge. Perfect! Lasted several months so far and you wouldn't know it wasn't legit. And at £3 it really doesn't matter. If it looks tatty stick a new one on. Even if I get through 2 a year it's more than 10 years before it cost more than an original one!!
  7. 6ft5 and a bit, love my Evora. Couldn't really fit with S2 seats but my my12 recaro are great. Would I like to sit a bit lower? Yes. But that is true of most cars I drive, every other aspect is spot on (unless you are a passenger behind me!)
  8. Had the car been sat for a while before you took it out? More than a few owners have found have found running issues after a long time of no use. Appears clearing any fault codes and having a good long drive to make sure the battery is fully charged often resolves the issue.
  9. You are most welcome to drift the thread. Yes north weald.
  10. I have these. Not the highest ramps but dead cheap and light and easy to use. No problems with any of my cars. Allowed me to change my front ARB bushes a couple of weeks back with relatively little drama.
  11. Rather dull dashcam ... Spin on high speed bend Circuit single lap Great day out, for £50 I couldn't recommend it enough
  12. Will try and upload some dashcam footage. Needs editing though...
  13. I can confirm a high speed spin in an Evora will see the car shift down, then select neutral and then switch off. Lower speed spins simple shift down. IPS was epic all day long as was the rest of the car. Great day out!!
  14. I just did a car limits day in my IPS Evora S and it was phenomenal! The IPS was faultless and shifted quickly and efficiently. Not once did I think it shifted slowly or did I miss having a manual. It was super quick and I kept up with an exige 410 and actually quicker at times. The ratios are different which could of helped in this scenario but really it was great. I'm sure the 400 shift is even better but don't discount S1 cars.
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