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  1. I think it's 32k over the average for Evora of that age rather than 32k over the national average for a car in general.
  2. My my12 don't switch off but do buzz to let you know you left them on...
  3. Hi all. I was just looking at running a cable for a dashcam so ran my fingers along the head lining along the windscreen bad there is a sizeable gap there already. Winner for running the cable but it does feel like the roof lining could be sitting a bit closer to the roof. (Which would give me a smidge more windscreen to look through too) Does anyone know how the head lining is attached? Giving it a push it doesn't seem to have much give and I can feel some velcro in there....
  4. I am pretty sure hethelsport either had some or were just testing some to be on sale soon (sure I saw that on facebook). Give them a call!
  5. Goatboy

    Lotus Type 116

    Used to love my vx. Only had it for a year before I decided I had too many cars. Wish I hadn't sold it but it seemed like the right decision at the time.... (Mines the blue one)
  6. Sounds daft but have both doors closed properly and the windows gone back up? I have had mine not go back up once and I thought it stopped the car locking. (maybe not)
  7. Sadly missed them. Thanks for the heads up though.
  8. Managed to unjam it. Slid a long flat head screwdrivers between the seat and the frame to be able to give the mechanism a good thump whilts wiggling the seat. It gave a good clunk and started to move! Phew!
  9. Just front shocks needed now
  10. Sent you a message...
  11. I was getting some stuff out the back seat of my car so tilted the seat and slid it right forwards. I then slid it back without putting the seat straight and it slid so far back I now can't straighten the seat and it seems to have got jammed. I suspect it's gone off its runners at the back but too dark to see... Anyone else had this problem? Car is currently 2 seats down as both passenger seat and seat behind it now useless! Thanks. Dan
  12. Ok great price. I think bilstein can re valve so this may still work. I will check tomorrow and get back to you. Thank you.
  13. I think they are for an NA. How much were you thinking of?
  14. Sounds amazing. Thanks Rears are A132D0065F fronts A132C0079F
  15. It's a very personal thing what cars you like. Personally not a fan of Ferraris of that era. Still it's always great to see one out and about. Blueg33 I guess from posts here and on pistonheads you have a Ferrari itch that needs scratching. Personally once I get an idea like that in my head it won't go away until it's done. So go for it! Assuming nothing goes wrong you probably won't loose much money although prices do keep slowly falling from what I can tell ... But hey, it's only money!!
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