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  1. I think this is a bit of a tactic with Will. Seems to advertise cars he has already sold. I got in touch with him last year. Literally minutes after he advertised the car and it was already sold. (Might have even been this car) Think he does it to build up a customer pool.
  2. It's not really any different from 6 months ago when I purchased mine. £36k was about the going rate for a 2012S from an approved dealer. So this looks about right to me.
  3. Sorry. Only the tears and they are sold.
  4. Goatboy

    Lotus Type 116

    That looks amazing! Is this a commonly done mod now?
  5. This is me selling these. Feel free to message
  6. Assume there is something in those cardboard boxes!!!
  7. There are a few kits on eBay that say they fit but I couldn't get anymore detail from the sellers. Using the codes above I chased down some more detail but I never got back to a part number that was readily available in the UK apart from lotus directly at silly prices. The Saab/GM ones do look very similar but no idea if they are right or not.
  8. Bilstein will refurbish the dampers but takes up to 3 weeks. Min cost is £80+vat per damper but if they find any issues over the basic refurb then it will cost more. Also I don't think they do anything cosmetically.
  9. Mine are both standard and the 2 I have are a slightly different style from each other. Both are the same size and work in the same way.
  10. Base depth and width is massively smaller on the Milano. Don't think my one even extends beyond the standard seat base. Also narrow enough to fit in the front passenger seat. In fact I have 2, one in the front and one in the back. ( No room behind the driver's seat as I have the seat all the way back). Only thing of note for the Milano is if you child is tall the seat quite quickly hits the roof of the car in the back. Doesn't work for my 6 year old in the back (but she is very tall for her age) but fine for my 4 year old.
  11. Thanks Bravo. Looks like it wasn't a game changer. Shame
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