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  1. These are still available and just taking up room. If you are at all tempted make me an offer....
  2. You don't want that silly extra pedal Dan and you know you don't.... 🤪
  3. Personally I think that is an amazing car....😋 It's a colour you need to see in the flesh. It really changes through different light conditions. I have had several folk question it when I have shown them pictures, but every single one has loved it when they have seen it in the metal (plastic).
  4. Thanks Bravo. Yep it's crossed my mind! Haven't contacted them yet though.
  5. This is my car so feel free to message me if you have any questions 🙂
  6. First place it will go for sure!!
  7. Well a long time coming but I have made my decision, the Evora will be put up for sale. Needs a jolly good wash first though!!!
  8. Very interesting @Kimbers Do we have enough data to prove this? With virtually no cars for sale in the lower end of the market I don't see we do? as always low availability has meant some have raised prices, but are they selling? The Silverstone car is being a great example. When I got my MY12 S IPS 18months ago Silverstone had it advertised at £36k, now I didn't pay that, but by the basic logic I should be asking £38k for mine and j have spent some money on it to improve it since. I haven't advertised it but I doubt I would get any calls at that price. I am actually expecting considerably less than that...
  9. I agree. Mine is an IPS by the way. And it blips itself so I don't have to! God it sounds epic when it does it too.
  10. Yes, but only for about 10 days in the snowy periods.
  11. 😆 Lotus messed up. They released the original press cars with terrible software. The reviews weren't great. The damage was done, even though they improved over time (and original cars were reprogrammed too) Still some folk who don't like them, and still a market where manual and driver involvement is king. Unless you drive a Porsche. 😉
  12. It's simply overpriced. It was for sale when launch edition cars were available readily at £23-25k. It was at £30k. It's nothing particularly special to warrant the extra £5k, and as others have said the IPS is a smaller market buyers wise.
  13. I would leave them to the summer myself. Mine has a minor imperfection in the same place. I think the mositure gets between the panels and causes it. But it's just a theory...
  14. They've fixed the article now 😁
  15. Shame they link to an IPS car and say it's an S when it's not (which is particularly irritating for me who is looking to sell his S IPS and this makes them look cheap!)
  16. Really interesting they have chosen to put the price up on either of those but particularly the IPS. It's been for sale for an age! Well over a year I would say... Feels like an interesting phenomenon, all the owners are saying the prices will go up now production is to end, therefore prices go up! But does that mean sales will slow down and eventually prices will have to drop back down accordingly? The white IPS is very clearly over priced and always has been as it hasn't sold....
  17. Literally nothing for sale at the moment so nothing to compare to. Would say £30k all day long, if Silverstone were selling it I would suspect it would be closer to £35k
  18. Thanks @london_v I am thinking the same way as you...
  19. Just seen this. Does it make my car very rare then? Surely worth tonnes more money...?
  20. I have. A set of winters in my garage that are 10 years old. They are cracked and useless. When I bought them 2nd hand I stupidly don't check the age, they degraded very quickly... On my other car my winter tyres were obviously not performing well after 7 years. Probably had done less than 10k miles on them, they looked like new but just weren't up to the job. New set now on and the difference is very obvious.
  21. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Appreciate your input. The Evora has a stay of execution forced upon it with the lockdown. I fear that I may have made my mind up though. I have had folks contact me about buying the car (who have been very patient with my indecision!) and I am very tempted to take the plunge now and sell up but with being unable to travel and being unable to socialise there is no real way to do a transaction now so it has until mid Feb at least. Changing role at work currently as well which may impact commuting (unlikely) but they may help me form my final decision. I took the car out for a drive today as it was a bit warmer and a couple of extra degrees made a fair bit of difference to the grip as did being committed enough to get some heat in the tyres, still not as sure footed as it is in the summer but that must be true for all cars. It really is a fantastic car, but not sure it fits my life right now...
  22. I guess to say they were terrible in the cold was an exaggeration. But they go from immense to normal. The delta in performance is much bigger than it is on my family car...
  23. Hello again 😃 My eldest (now 7 but tall like her dad) no longer fits in the back in a car seat. She isn't officially quite tall enough to be in the car without a booster but doesn't fit with it! She now goes without if she rides in the back. The seats are small enough that seat belt positioning on her is fine though. In the front she obviously stays in her seat...
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