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  1. Got out with a group of awesome guys for a long drive this weekend.
  2. Update on this situation. Since this originally happened I have had no issues. Up until yesterday. It was pretty cold out so I turned on the heat and the heated seats. The heated seats automatically turned off and then a few minutes later the car lost throttle response. pulled over. Waited a few minutes with the car off and then restarted with no issues. Last time this happened the heated seats were on too. Since then I haven’t used them except for yesterday. I know it’s highly unlikely the seat heaters are doing this but that’s the only thing that’s the same. I’m going to experiment a bit more with it and see if I can replicate the problem. no check engine lights or codes.
  3. thanks guys! I appreciate it. I'll look into both. I'm a little nervous to drive the car now. Afraid it will do it while I'm pulling out into traffic.
  4. Tonight on my way home while driving down the interstate at about 75mph the car all of a sudden started to slow. Pushing in the throttle did nothing. No check engine light. I got over to the shoulder and the engine was still running but no response from the throttle. Set the parking brake. Turned the car off. Restarted it. Engine fires up but still no response. No CEL. So I turned it back off. Reset the parking brake. Restarted the car. Engine fires up. No throttle response again. No CEL still. Let it sit for about three minutes and then tried the gas pedal and it was working again. What happened?? Made it the rest of the way home with no problems. Oh. And might just be a weird coincidence but when I started the car each time the speakers all popped even though I didn’t have the radio on. Never noticed that before on startup.
  5. I had to find a solution because having my wife follow me everywhere in her Chevy Tahoe to quench my thirst whenever I felt the need arise wasn't cutting it anymore These are large/deep cupholders. I've had a bottle of Snapple and a medium drink in a regular soda cup fit with no problems or worry about tipping and I'm still pretty crappy at shifting gearsl so it's pretty rough here and there.
  6. I saw on some older posts about people using a whole slew of different ideas for cupholders. One of the most popular being one from the Miata store that slides under the floor mat. I really liked that but didn't want to spend $40 per cupholder. So, my solution was to get two of these for $7 each: Then I took a blow torch and heated up the tab and bent it around a piece of 1x4 scrap wood. Added a strip of hook fastener on the bottom of each cup and slid them under the floor mats. Passenger one is on the left side next to the center console and the drivers side is on the left side next to the door sill. Here's some pictures:
  7. I'm actually glad you asked this. I was looking at the vents the other day and saw that and wondered if there was a drain for water especially with that pipe. I'm in Memphis and its been raining in huge down pours.
  8. Woah, that orange is gorgeous!
  9. You guys are great hahaha I'm taking it this week to get clear wrap for the front end and ceramic coating done. Maybe get the front windows tinted as well. It’s hot here.
  10. Hahaha. You guys are awesome! I don’t have that cool Provenance paperwork but I have the window tag. I was reading about the Verdi Mantis and it seems to be a pearl paint. Mine definitely does NOT have pearl. It’s just green. Bright Green
  11. XXAARRAA- It’s gorgeous!! The dealer said mine was the only 2018 in Kawi Green. It was shipped to the states in December Simon- I would love to know if it really is Verdi Mantis. It said Kawasaki Green On the window sticker, the invoice and in the maintenance log book but I can’t find a code anywhere?? i saw some sort of code on the door sill plate that said B132U0504 . A bit long to be a paint code though. Thanks everyone for the great comments! I’m having a blast taking this beautiful beast out and about.
  12. Hello everyone!! I'm so excited to finally be a part of the Lotus family. Picked up my 2018 Evora 400 last week. It came in bespoke Kawasaki Green with matching interior stitching. I absolutely love it. Definitely a head turner. Right now I’m still getting through the first 1000 mile break in and trying to find a solution for a cup holder hahaha. I’m also trying to find out the actual paint code for touch ups if and when I need them. I looked in the maintenance log book and they just wrote “Kawasaki Green” and the label under the passenger side carpet doesn’t have a number ?? It’s my little go-kart from hell!
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