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  1. i just checked and cleaned the throttle body, no improvement at all. any suggestions what to check next? does anyone of you know the resistance values of the drive by wire throttle body on the 2ZZ?
  2. Hi Dave, yeah it has this anti slip control, no esp. dont know the colour of the dash atm. sorry, 100 yards are not that correct. the issues are occuring stationaly and when driving out of the parking garage and up the steep ramp. while driving on the ramp the revs drop and increases quite randomly. after being on the streets for only some few yards the car behaves like normal, no issue at the next stop or whatever. when the ambient temperature outside is ~above 20-25°C the problems are not showing at all.
  3. Hi All, I'm a new Elise 111R Sportsracer MY06 owner from Germany. Unfortunately this great car is starting to give me a headache. Probably you're more experienced with this engine than I am. This is what happens every single cold start: - Idle is just fine. - If you rapidly push the pedal the engine almost dies if you dont get your foot off immediately - If you keep on pushing it dies - If you barely touch it and push it down very very carfully it'll rev like nothing happened, but will fail again when kicking it rapidly. - After a couple of second
  4. i completly removed all hoses and sealed the only opening in the intake manifold right next to bolt no 6
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