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  1. Thanks for your reply, in which I have decided to keep the EGR pipe on the car so I have asked PNM to manufacture one for me in stead of using the OEM pipe. Regards Will
  2. The first section of the EGR pipe on my 2002 V8 is leaking again after changing this about 4 years ago (20K miles approxematley). Does anyone know of a third part replacement that my be better than the original Lotus part, or what are the consequences if this was blanked off from the manifold. Thanks in advance Regards Will
  3. Trevor, The re-charge point is approximatly in-line with the front of the engine (cam belt end) and about 200mm in from the L/H sill. If you lay on the floor and look underneath the car you can see the dust cap which screws off the re-charge point.. Hope this is of help in finding it. Regards giving it another top up, I'm just a bit unsure if you can over pressure the sytem if you keep topping it up. The pressure reading with the engine and air conditioner pump running is still in the green zone on the re-charge kit which says its ok, however, with the air condtioner pump and engine stopped the system pressue is slighly in the red zone which indicates over pressure. It's the position of the rotatory control knock thats got me thinking with this turning the air condtioning system on when it is nearly fully rotated clockwise. Anyone got any thoughts on this? Regards Will
  4. I recently turned on my air conditioning on my 2002 V8 and found it wasn't working. After reading all of the threads I purchased a re-charge kit from Halfords c/w gauge and found it was well below pressure and not bringing in the air conditioning pump when I turned it on. I re-charged the system and now you can hear the compressor engage and the cooling fans start. so proving that the air conditioning systems is now working again. My problem is that it is not blowing very much cold air out of the vents and the air conditionin systems doesn't turn on until the control knob is around the 3-o'clock position. I do remember the previous years the air condition system turned on when the control knock was at the 9-o'clock position. Does anyone know what the problem could be with the control knob switching at a later position. Thanks in advance Will
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    Thanks Bibs
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    Has anyone got a AP Racing n/s front brake caliper for a 2002 V8 Esprit that they would like to sell. My outer bleed nipple was siezed in solid which resulted in it breaking off, which I then took to an engineering firm to have it removed which as resulted in the threads being badly damaged and slight evidence of a crack around where the threaded hole is situated. Thanks in advance Will
  7. Just had the very same problem with my drivers side door window getting fast on the way down and after examination found the same plastic part that slides in the window carrier channel had worn just like the one in the picture. Does anyone know if and where this plastic slide can be purchased on its own. Thanks in advance Will
  8. wpowell

    J66 LOT

    Spotted in the car park at Goodwood on Saturday while I was looking for mine. Looked very nice Regards Will
  9. Thanks for the compliment on my car Mike. I've been to the Donnington Lotus day over the last 3 years, you may have seen it there. I'm taking it down to Goodwood Festival of speed this coming Thursday, may get spotted again. Good turn out of the NMEG, thought all of the Lotus's looked well all in-line together Regards Will
  10. The Silver one is mine, I entered a while back just to make sure I would get in. The Yellow one was with the Lotus Drivers Club and were very friendly towards us.
  11. Was wondering if any of you guys have the same problem with the CEL coming on when running high performance Cats and standard ECU. Regards Will
  12. Hi all, I'm running 100 cel cats and I keep getting the check engine light coming on which is obviously due to the high performance cats. By memory I think the error codes where PO420 & PO430. I believe there is a way to over come this problem, so can anyone advise me what I need to do or purchase to stop the error code. My car is a 2002 V8 Regards Will
  13. That was me in the Silver V8, I was going to the classic car show. Is that where you had been? A blue S4s came onto the show ground after I arrived but the driver wasn't in it when I got there to view it. Regards Will
  14. Rear Wheel Bearing No. The number on the old bearing is: SNR TGB 10872 S02 the number from the box of the new bearing is:GHK1315 and was in a unipart box. I think the man from the spares shop only charged me around
  15. Thats correct Andy, it was the road wheel drive shaft that had sheared. regards Will
  16. My L/H rear hub nut kept comming loose even though bearing was ok, I ended up fitting an additional locking nut to stop it happening. Regards Will
  17. Thanks Gunter for the advice, just recieved my replacement bolt today from PNM, will give it a try over the weekend Will
  18. I've just discovered a bad oil leak from my 2002 V8 due to a missing blanking plug/bolt. The plug/bolt in question which has gone missing is the one that fits into the camshaft locating hole. (This is what you us for fitting the cam locating pins into when changing the cam belts). What I would like to know is, would the threaded hole that it screws into, is this apart of the oil ways that carries the oil at pressure up to the cam towers. Also when I fit a new plug/bolt, if I was to apply some locktite to the threads, would I still be able to remove it, without causing any damage to the threads the next time it is removed. If I hadn't discovered the leak, due to constant motorway driving at speed, and the engine was to have run low on oil, what warning would have been given from the ECU before catastrophic failure occured.
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    Hi all, There's an event called cars in the park organised for this Sunday 5th October at Harewood House in Leeds. I've booked my ticket and will be there in my Silver 2002 V8. Anyone else going from this end of the country. This is the link: Regards Will
  20. Hi Gunter, I don't think I over tighten it I torqued it up to 270NM (200lbft) as recommented on this forum. Just completed fitting the driveshaft and bearing this evening. I got the new parts from my local discount motor centre by taking the old parts for his supplier to match up. I've not paid for them yet so don't know if I've got a bargain yet? will find out tomorrow. Going to change the gearbox oil next but having trouble locating the recommented lubricant, Castrol TAF-X 75w/90, locally in South Yorkshire. Can anyone recomment a good supplier? Will
  21. Chassis No. SCCDA08202HC10351 2002 Esprit V8 Colour: Aluminium Silver Owner: William Powell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England.
  22. Was on my way up to the North Yorkshire Lotus Owners Club yesterday for the first time when my n/s drive shaft sheared on the threaded section where the nut holds the hub onto the shaft. The threaded part sheared approximately 5mm from the end of the threaded section. Has I set off from home I heard a noise simular to a sticking break releasing, but didn't get too concerned so continued for approximetly 7 miles, fortunately at moderate speed, when the rear n/s wheel started grinding. Couldn't move the car so had to come home by road side recovery. As anyone experienced a drive shaft shearing on the threaded section that is not in torsion and has anyone any ideas what may have caused it? The n/s drive shaft nut had previously kept comming loose so I fitted an addition lock nut when I changed the bearing 4000 miles ago. The car is a 2002 V8 which as covered 32k miles of which I have done 8k of those miles and as not been driven hard while in my ownership. Is it possible just to change the outboard end that is broken or is it best to change the complete shaft and are these available from any other car manuafacture. Thanks in advance Will
  23. I had a similar noise from mine, just came on all of a sudden. The noise from mine came on whilst I was up in the Lake District last year but I managed to limp home on the motorway at a constant speed in the slow lane. Check your near side (UK) rear wheel bearing for tightness, this should be torqued up to 200lbft (260-270Nm) mine kept slightly coming loose but when it happened this time I decided to change the bearing and put an additional lock nut on. Had no problem since. Jack it up with it out of gear and hand brake off and try the wheel for play, if you find any play the centre nut from the drive shaft could be loose or the bearing may have failed Good luck Will
  24. Coming down Dewsbury Road today heading towards Leeds at about 16-55. Looked to have a High Wing on as I glanced through my rear view mirror. Was in my Polo heading in the other direction. Didn't catch the registration. Anyone from here?
  25. Hi Michael, I've seen the black Esprit too several times in the same place, I believe it belongs to the shop owner. I take it you must be local to that area like me. I drive a Silver V8 have you seen that too. Will
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