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  1. Absolutely, Lotus do insurance repairs and I'd be surprised if you would find anyone better! They obviously take a lot of pride - when mine was first done it was sent back to the outsourced paint shop two times because they weren't happy with the blending. Also, they're quite happy to play around the edges. I got a free S350 front lip when I did a Robin. Since that someone used by rear end instead of their brakes and I should be getting 02 rear lights now. Problem is there can be a very long waiting list - we're talking 6-12 weeks... Neal
  2. # Whoops, I meant the RH knob. # Yep. I think the mechanics are a bit different to the early cars but the vent routing is still the same. # Try keeping the fans on face vents and switch the AC on and off to see if it makes any difference... Neal
  3. The left hand knob is a thermostat so the AC is either off or on but on my V8 at least the adjustment is rubbish. 3 o'clock is off even you were in the Antarctic but 5 o'clock where it hits the stop is fully on. Somewhat wasteful of the available range so a tad too fine grained! But since you hearing the rpm blip, etc., your AC is defintely switching on. When you say vents - which ones? The Esprit has the wonderful idiosyncasy that they're not all equal! You only get heat from the floor and windscreen and cooling from the dash centre and sides. Maybe your plumbing is a bit amiss - it's say cooling the floor but blowing elsewhere. Neal 98 V8-GT
  4. Could you borrow a couple of space savers? I've got a feeling the Lotus wheels are a weird fitment...
  5. I think this is my first reply on the forum and it's on AC. Bollocks :-) Anyway, in my experience, the V8 aircon (and I suspect the 4 cylinder) isn't sophisticated enough to make learning such settings much of an improvement. The idle air control (IAC) valve setting is done using a closed loop system to achieve the target idle speed. So in the non-AC case this ECM learning is important since it can achieve the correct idle speed with less swings making it nice and smooth. The problem with the AC is that it's not variable - it's either on or off. The knob on the dash is simply a thermostat. So this flicking between AC on (and consequential additional engine load) and off leads to juddery idling. Again the closed loop IAC valve settles this but the ECM learning has less of an effect since the engine load is no longer constant. One thing I will say about AC is that the best thing you can do is to use periodically during the winter! Like all things Lotus, inactivity is the source of a lot of problems. AC tends to be left alone after September and cranked on full the first hot day in May. Then it breaks! Better to periodically cycle it on full cooling for 10 minutes every month or so (not necessarily with you in the car :-) to circulate the coolant and give the pump, condensor and radiator a nice work out :-) So I hope my first post has answered a few question. Of course if you get down to the nitty/gritty, i.e. boost, V8 chargecooling/intercooling/water injection I'll be in like a shot. Neal
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