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  1. Wonder how much quicker a standard V6 would be with just a set up change. Maybe just more front negative camber would reduce understeer and that could be wort a couple of seconds? Ops car isn't running much for track work with cup 2s
  2. Thanks for that explanation Wilbert, as seen the video, but not being able to understand German, wondered why the time wasn't quicker
  3. Unfortunately car is insured with Admiral for the road, so need to take out a specific trackday policy
  4. Does anyone have any recommendations? Can you buy annual cover? Cheers, Mark
  5. Not an expert, but I think it is more to do with the set up, i.e more front camber helps the front turn in and suits high grip track day tyres better, so just get a more track orientated set up - loads of advice on the forum. I have an S roadster with Trofeo Rs on it and must say the grip is unbelievable (the car is running more front camber). Tyres OK in the wet, but plan to to replace them with PS4 tyres, as my wife will be driving the car in the winter and I am not too worried about laptimes. Happy to sell you the Torfeos at a bargain price if you want to try them out?
  6. Thanks for your post Nathan - four PS4 tyres purchased for less than £470 delivered!
  7. Thanks Bibs, may contact you at a later date re the hardtop. Need to sort tyres first and then the Vanquish needs a service etc......£££££££ eek!
  8. Cheers for that Nathan, may order them in.
  9. Thanks for all the advise in my previous thread from everyone. Was worried the wife wouldn't like an Exige, even a roadster feeling it was a bit too hardcore. Pleased to say they are bonding and she is finding her great fun....Phew!! The Exige may be my new favourite car that I have owned!! What awesome fun!! Only issue is that it has Trofeo R tyres, which, as Autumn is here and I don't think I will be doing a trackday soon, are not practical, so need to get some more road biased rubber , Michelin PS4??? If anyone is interested in the Trofeo's, let me know. Want to get parking sensors fitted too, along with a hardtop (wife wants carbon one.........!) Piccie atached
  10. Test drove the yellow one. Absolutely loved it! Unfortunately, the wife declined to drive it due to the narrow roads in the middle of East London, so going to test drive the red one up for sale by Supercar Sourcing. I am aware this car has been tracked and is running additional front camber (shims removed). Ex lotus CEO car, so if anyone has any info, plus or minuses, please let me know. Done 9500 miles and recently service by a Lotus main agent. If this car isn't any good and the wife is happy, will probably put down a deposit on the Yellow one if he hasn't sold it, otherwise will continue to look. Thought the steering weight was OK, even at standstill for a non powered setup and was beautiful when moving. Showed up all the faults of the Z4 with it's crappy steering feels, poor damping etc.
  11. And now a red one I thought was sold is on the market via a dealer at the same price......
  12. No, keeping the Aston, this is to replace the wife's BMW Z4, which doesn't get used a lot, so thought a more fun, track friendly car should be bought!! I will be gutted if she doesn't get on with it, as I have always loved the look of them.
  13. Thanks gents. Yes Nathan, it is the yellow one. Only issue (pre viewing) is it's a private sale and finance is outstanding, but I am sure the owner will let me pay the finance off direct and pay him the balance. Viewing car later today, but as my wife will be driving it, she will have to like it, otherwise, no Exige V6 for me............
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