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  1. Bought my PS4 tyres about 2 years ago, so doubt it's a bad batch
  2. Cyborg, I have a Roadster and the PS4 tyres look the same as yours. Don't suffer much understeer, but run about 1.5 deg neg camber.
  3. PS4 is the standard tyre Lotus use, so that would be good in the wet I would think. I have them on and they are OK on track
  4. The steering effort on track is pretty high, it really weights up in turns, so power steering would help there, I'm sure.
  5. Thanks for researching. Hopefully still being enjoyed somewhere!
  6. Going through some old pics (moving house!) and found pics of my old man's (RIP) Lotus Eclat s2.2. It was gold (non Riviera). Just wondered if anyone on here owns her or knows if she is still on the road? Cheers, Mark
  7. Heard stories of people holding onto v6s/350's and selling for the same they bought for or a couple of grand loss after a year plus of use. Reckon I could sell my roadster for a profit over what I paid 18 months ago
  8. Many insurers will pay the new value up to 12 months, so check the policy you purchase
  9. That looks awesome. Will any mesh be added underneath the vents to stop stones damaging them or coming up through and potentially chipping paint/windscreen?
  10. I seem to remember they removed 10KG for the Roadster
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