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  1. Will be interesting, just that I really like the colour it is now! Will you be changing the interior to match or going with the contrast?
  2. Many thanks, so three folding clips in addition to the two 'T' clips'?
  3. Look much better than standard in my opinion
  4. OK, thanks for the reply. Not a lot of space to work on these cars!!. Good mix of cars you have, F90 M5 is a monster!
  5. Would have loved to tag along for this, but away this weekend. Dukes of London doe a monthly event for those near London
  6. Want to change the airfilter on a V6S - is it just a case of opening the 2 x clips one end, then sliding out the top from the 2 'T' clips, or is there something else to undo? Many thanks in advance, Mark
  7. Had issues when I took the front hatch off. Try pushing down and making sure it is latched properly if it has been off for any reason recently??
  8. Markymark


    Booked a trackday at Goodwood on the 16th April. Be nice if any other Exige owners fancy doing it too. Atb, Mark
  9. Looks like the weather is rubbish that day, so will go if forecast decent
  10. 9.30ish I reckon. Cheers, Mark
  11. My old man had a Gold Eclat 2.2 many years ago, if you're compiling a list and I can find the reg, would be very interested if it is still about. Mark
  12. Going for a run out on the 22nd December, as long as it's not pouring with rain! Few people meeting at Beaconsfield Services c 8am, if anyone fancies it. Mark
  13. Does anyone put thicker oil in, as per Lotus's recommendation for track use?
  14. Cuprapw, don't suppose the dyno graph gave AFRs too?
  15. Thanks Stephen. If 2 weeks is about right, will make sure it is either start it weekly or put it on charge. Any thought re central locking not working via key buttons?
  16. Left car for two weeks (13 days actually!) and the battery was flat when I went to start it. Even trying to jump it, wouldn't start for quite a while. New battery was fitted a couple of months ago. Rear parking sensor were fitted 3 weeks ago at B&C, but they should only take current when reverse is engaged. We had a couple of nights of freezing weather, but would have thought a healthy battery would last longer than 2 weeks. How long do they generally last when car is left? In addition, central locking playing up using the key fob buttons....Any ideas?
  18. BatMobile, picked up my car from B&C after some work and they were prepping a metallic black 430 - is that your one?
  19. Max power should be at 7000rpm, so something looks amiss
  20. Wonder how much quicker a standard V6 would be with just a set up change. Maybe just more front negative camber would reduce understeer and that could be wort a couple of seconds? Ops car isn't running much for track work with cup 2s
  21. Thanks for that explanation Wilbert, as seen the video, but not being able to understand German, wondered why the time wasn't quicker
  22. Unfortunately car is insured with Admiral for the road, so need to take out a specific trackday policy
  23. Does anyone have any recommendations? Can you buy annual cover? Cheers, Mark
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