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  1. I bought Osram nightbreaker laser in HB3 for the full beam in my 2019 Elise. You need bigger rubber boots to cover them as the plug comes in at 90deg rather than the straight originals, these can be bought on Ebay for a few pounds but.................... The main beam was a bit better, about 20% but the pattern was broken up so overall it wasn't much better, I was surprised, I expected about a 50% better beam and I wasn't expecting the beam to be scattered.
  2. I'd suspect the Lamda sensor. My 2019 Elise 220 has been faultless from new. It can feel a little jumpy on very light throttle when cold for the first half mile but its no issue.
  3. Mine was the same from new but I never used it in the wet and it was always garaged. Last week I left it out in the rain and it leaked so I decided to have a look at it. I adjusted the window frame screws at the bottom of both doors. There's a front and back screw, screw in or clockwise to tighted the window to the seal. I screwed mine in a half turn at a time and checked the tightness to the seal by closing the door on a thin strip of cloth and pulling out when the door was closed. I think I finished with the screws in about 3 to 4 turns in. It's definitely better and now doesn't
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