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  1. IMO, 7.5k is enough yes No more, as the last part of the rev bar, from 7k to 7.5k will already eat some of the screen width.
  2. @Seriouslylotus did they perhaps already address this ? Ability to change rev limit from 9K to 8K (or to 7.5K, to make even better usage of the screen width) Many thx
  3. Any reason why the factory did not provide the gold wheels ? Is the rear bumper made of 2 pieces ? If so, it can be easy to leave this matt part unpainted. If the rear bumper is made of only one part, then I would say it's certainly easier to fully paint it than to cover / protect / leave the matt part unpainted. Not sure however how this is done at the factory... Great looking 430 Black + gold is perfect
  4. While in the colours, are the other Lotus colours such multi-stages paints as the Liquid Yellow ? I'm thinking about metallic colours and premium colours, such as the burnt orange, which looks pretty special. I think solid colours are rather "simple".
  5. Among the 3 pink tests at the end of the video, I'll think you'll go with the right one @GFWilliams BTW, at the beginning of the video you say you had many issues with the Liquid Yellow color. I'm thinking about ordering a new car in this color, so in a few words, what problems did you encounter ? Many thx, and can't wait to see your new car
  6. And from what I have understood, the inox OEM is even a little bit louder (just by a little) than the TI one, right ?
  7. This exhaust does not seem to be so popular
  8. Btw, does your full width reinforcement plate fit Sport 350 / Sport 410 / Cup 430 ? They do not seem to all share the same fixation holes, as per this diagram, so I wonder. As per my understanding, if it fits Sport 410 / Cup 430, it would replace the OEM support plate (item #50) right ? Thx
  9. So sounds like you would even recommend a full width reinforcement plate with OEM splitter while on track, and not only with aftermarket race splitters ?
  10. - Ability to change rev limit from 9K to 8K (or to 7.5K, to make even better usage of the screen width) - Tell tale light for Cruise Control (use space from second "dipped lights on") - Real time view of sensor information on dash - Airbag delete light setting option (Ok on Cup cars) - Option for Carbon Binnacle - Option for Alcantara Binnacle (with same Alcantara as 410/430 vent surrounds which are just next to the binnacle, without stitch, or with option to choose stitch color to mimic each car's configuration) - Why two lights for "dipped lights on" only one needed - All warning lights are visible in grey - would be better blacked out until illuminated - Screen seen flickering at times. (Race button flickering, RPM display flickering and showing false information, letters flickering) - Remove numeric rpm from analogue display - it is distracting
  11. Do all models suffer from these fiber damages ? Rather worrying, as if you can't repaire it, you'll have to go for a whole new bumper Sounds like you have to be very careful with speed bumps etc...
  12. Any Sport 410 dyno please, to compare to the Cup 430 ones ? (above, and here also) Thank you !
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