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  1. I made some researches a few months ago and posted in the same referenced topic above : Might be interesting...
  3. That's also clearly THE question I have The only information I found is someone reporting info from a German seller telling that there will be a surprise coming in 2021 for the current range... No more details though...
  4. @SpiritofLotus did you also take the exterior fire extinguisher and engine cut ? Are they mounted at the factory (as the body has then to be drilled through) ? Did you also go with the A-frame, to properly fit harnesses ? And congratulations for this really nice order, per-fect choice
  5. @Hogi
  6. At least seems like it's possible according to @BatMobile's feedback there. You may just have to be patient
  7. I think the rev scale is even perhaps the first enhancement requested. Would then be nice for AIM to consider it. Of course the Lotus dash goes up to 9k rpm, but it does not really makes sense (or perhaps they planned a 9k rpm engine, so used such a dash to save costs, but never released the engine...). 8K (or 7.5K, to make even better usage of the screen width) would be nice. Are there Lotus engines / mods going beyond 7.5k rpm ?
  8. Excellent ! Any thoughts / feedback on the 6 levels TC ? Did you find it useful over the standard modes ?
  9. I just read that the Race version comes in 2 versions, with a 6 speeds sequential or with a 7 speeds dual clutch gearbox. Fore sure the one from the presentation video above in this thread runs the sequential one... At least it sounds like
  10. Thank you Dave for your feedback. Mmmh yes you're right regarding RWD cars. We should then keep some amount of rear toe-in, IMO possibly reducing it until the rear is not too much / anymore constrained entering the corners, without becoming scary exiting the corners and under hard / heavy situations. Experiencing is certainly the best to find the right balance, but of course it takes time. Additional interesting reading :
  11. Unfortunately I've no experience with Exige yet, I hope next year though. But with Clio Cup race cars, where at the front we set 0 or a very very slight amount of negative toe. And at the rear, we set toe out. The more toe out you set at the rear, the more easily the car will rotate entering the corner, the less steering-wheel angle you will have to use for the same corner (which also helps saving your front tyres). While the rear inside wheel will be almost unloaded, the outside one, due to its angle, will pull the back of the car out of the corner. This is rather "surprising" when yo
  12. Rear toe setting is important too. On road cars, we generally (always ?) see toe-in, so that rear is as stable as possible, for security purpose. On race cars, we generally see toe-out, so that rear helps rotate the car when it enters the corner. Of course, on its road cars, Lotus recommends a toe-in value. I don't know how others do, but IMO, you should at least verify you're not above it Of course interested to have your feedback whether or not you'll find better settings / better car behaviour
  13. Interested to know more about this, as I saw other comments, at least from a Cup 430 owner, telling that you can't brake and turn at the same time. Don't know at which point though. Your instructor (as per your Youtube videos) also seems to confirm this at both SPA & Nordschleife... Curious to know what would prevent to trail brake with such cars, especially as that's the proper way to brake...
  14. May be one the reasons why Cup 430 does not have a LSD : Lotus have hinted that the Exige has been borderline needing an lsd for a while with the V6 Exige. JMG their ex boss mentioned that to fit one to the 430 Cup would have required much more stability control calibration and chassis set up so they didn’t bother. Fitting a LSD may then not be the only thing needed to do the job properly...
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