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  1. You can still physically unplug the pipe to the valve for an always-on mode. There are also some modules with a remote-control to open/close the valve from the cabin. And there's still the aquarium mode
  2. According to what I have been said, this function has been disabled internally in the ECU of the last production units... So should not work anymore on last produced Exige.
  3. French dealer, Road Racing Center. Pretty sure you can contact them in English :
  4. I did not ask for part number / price, only for feasibility (was one topic among many others, by phone...). But would be interesting to know yes, feel free if you have the opportunity to get this info 👍
  5. I had the confirmation by a dealer, required module can be ordered later-on to enable datalogger and GPS laptiming features on the FE dashboard.
  6. Unfortunately I don't know about other electrical extinguishers. At least the various few (race) cars I ran with such an extinguisher had this 3 positions switch.
  7. You have an internal switch to engage / enable the fire extinguisher circuit. When off, switches don't have any effect. Not sure about the battery cut. You see this internal switch on your second Deroure link, that's the small box with a 3 positions switch : off / test / enable.
  8. I was told by Lotus that there would be an upgrade option, and that dealers themselves would know how to upgrade to get the datalogger and GPS laptiming features. Waiting for some dealer's feedback...
  9. Interesting enough they did not manage to get AIM to drop the 7K-9K red zone, or at least to lower it... As it's useless on these Final Editions...
  10. As per EVO : Exige models kick off at £64,000 (+£1625) for the Sport 390, but the Sport 420 and Cup 430 each see prices drop to £79,900 (-£2775) for the Sport 420 and £100,600 (-£2775) respectively.
  11. Trofeo-R in OEM proper sizes are available since around mid-2020, see this topic : They do not seem to be available everywhere online, at least I found the official dealer in France which sells them : You should then find them in UK for sure 👍
  12. Do you have some more info / technical specifications about the car itself ? 😎
  13. Off-topic, but any details ? Not announced yet, so I wonder how you could even think about how to configure it ?
  14. I made some researches a few months ago and posted in the same referenced topic above : Might be interesting...
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