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  1. Strange, I would have expected them to be the same. What's then the difference between FE an non-FE passenger seat ? Thx 👍
  2. Really nice idea 🙂 Many thanks for all the details 👍 How / where did you mount the lateral belts ? They are supposed to be mounted directly on the floor for best security, but perhaps you used seat runners here ? The 6 points harnesses are to be used with fixed seat runners, as per parts finder : Wondering then whether or not they could be used with standard seats, well, what would prevent from using them with for example Cup 430 seats... Any idea ? Thank you again !
  3. Answering myself with some instructions :
  4. One technical question, how did you mount the small floor bars ? You drilled through the floor for the vertical screws ? So there are nuts under the chassis, right ? What about the horizontal screws ? Are there nuts ? How do you technically mount / access them ? Thank you very much 👍
  5. Many thanks @Paul_D & @Toqcars for your comments 👍 Rather reassuring 🙂 I'll then (unfortunately) accept it now, and concentrate on other things 😉 Thank you again !
  6. Understood Mark, many thanks for the info 👍 I then assume that all Exige engines are subject to this issue, sooner or later ?
  7. You should have the owner manual in the boot !
  8. Hi, Is it normal / expected to have these sort of "stains" on the engine metal of a brand new Exige ? Why ? Any way to "clean" them ? Thank you 👍
  9. Slip angle knob only works when ESP is off. It sets the max slip percentage, until fully off (no more control / correction). As per my understanding (so would need to be confirmed...), ESP is off, so you're the only one with your front axle.
  10. We'll need some photos of the modified areas before dismounting (as original), and once the new parts mounted, to see the difference 🙂 So this is for front wheels as per my understanding, any solution for rear wheels ?
  11. As already stated by @Toqcars, Pirelli stopped the production of those sizes at the beginning of 2022... They may restart it, but sounds like no good news to expect this year...
  12. Good news 👍 Which fluid did you finally use ?
  13. So, did it help ? I also have the Zero2000 extinguisher. On high speed turns, I can hear something rolling, I hesitate between little stones stuck somewhere in the chassis, or the noise of the magnet (according to what said previously above) rolling in the extinguisher itself, as it sometimes sounds metallic 🤔
  14. For the GPS module, one should try to get an "old" stock from some reseller, for sure there are some gen A hanging somewhere...
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