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  1. So as @Arun_D said above, "you would revert to the old mileage if you retro-fitted the original clocks" ? Perhaps Lotus can re-flash the original clocks to the new mileage in case of retro-fitting... Or perhaps it's also recorded into the ECU, as @550superfast asked above. And the original clocks rely on the ECU value... Perhaps AiM will give you this info at order time
  2. Renn-Reifen : Both 215/45 ZR17 & 285/30 ZR18 available They ship to whole Europe. They also have the Federal FZ-201. They are on Renn-Reifen price list : But not listed to buy... You should perhaps send them a mail to have more info, could be interesting. To Dunlop directly also.
  3. Just got additional info from Nankang about the AR-1 : For your information, we are planning to develop this size. But it will take 9~12 months from today to have this size available in the market.
  4. On 10x18 we can officially go up to 285mm. Over, at least in France, we wouldn't pass the annual technical inspection, we would also take the risk not to be covered by our insurance in case of problem... Not sure about UK though... This is why I was asking manufacturers for the "perfect dimension" PS : thank you FF for the additional Dunlop 03G & Hankook z221 references
  5. Hi, I was looking at semi-slick tyres available in both dimensions required by the Sport 410 / Cup 430 (and a few other ones, as the Cup 380 if I'm right). 215/45 ZR17 285/30 ZR18 Choice is rather limited. I contacted various manufacturers, here's their feedback. Of course there's the default option, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. Most interesting, Pirelli just told me the Trofeo R will be available in both 215/45 ZR17 and 285/30 ZR18. ETA Q1 2020. There's also the Federal FZ-201(M) available in these dimensions (road legal ?). And the Nankang NS-2R. Regarding the Nankang AR-1, the employee I was in contact with suggested the company to develop this size in the future (wait and see). And here's the not planned list : - Avon ZZR / ZZS - GoodYear Dunlop SPORT MAXX RACE 2 / Eagle F1 SuperSport R / SuperSport RS - Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R - Toyo R888R - Yokohama Advan A052 Of course feel free to comment
  6. BTW, rather surprised not to see 410s with the whole barge boards + rear outer boards packaged fitted, as it seems to be available as a Lotus option on this model.
  7. Ah, note that it's a non-airbag version, with the A-frame to properly mount harnesses Remove the (useless ?) radio and you have a proper track tool ^^
  8. Does Lotus provide geo values, especially for track ? Or do we have to "test" by ourselves between min / max values ?
  9. Some issues with the car, not written down by the seller then ? There's almost the same offer in France, nothing special in the ad. But the car has suffered from an impact and has one of its sides totally rebuilt (chassis parts, body parts, paint...), which is rather bad at this mileage, from a buyer point of view...
  10. What about official Lotus harness bars in Exige Sport 410 / Cup 430 ? In Cup 430, sounds like the solution is the 'A' frame inside the roll hoop. But then, strangely, the airbags seem to be removed. Perhaps we can ask to keep them when ordering the car ? The rear bulkhead also seems to be removed. However Lotus told me that 430 with the 'A' frame have fitted bulkhead / trim panels fitted, but I was not able to find photos of such a configuration... Lotus also told me that All Cup 430’s are built with 'A' frames... Strange as there are many many photos of Cup 430 without the 'A' frame... Perhaps things have changed recently... Any experience on these points ? What about Sport 410 ? Any official Lotus solution when ordering the car ? I was only able to find aftermarket solution, which looks rather strange for such a car... Many thanks for your help !
  11. I totally agree. Could you elaborate on this please, perhaps based on my previous post above ? i.e., what are the differences, appart from the "visible" ones ? I would be happy to learn more 430 has a "full" rollcage, T45 type, FIA homologated. 410 has a simple hoop, but which seems, as per its diagram, to be T45 type, comparing it to the same part of the 430 rollcage... I wonder however how we can attach harnesses to it, without the A frame (item 5 of the 430 diagram)... Looks like it's impossible. Still on the process to choose the correct Exige model which would perfectly suit my needs Had my first Exige run a few days ago in a Sport 380, on my preferred mountain roads, and I'll test a Sport 410 in a few days on track. Coming from a race car, I'm looking for a trackdays focused car, which I would be able to bring during the WE on my favorite mountain roads Many thanks !
  12. Could it be due to the fact that the 2 look very similar ? I'm precisely in the process of choosing between an Exige Sport 410 and a Cup 430. Sounds like the main difference is the 430 aerodynamic package with produces more downforce (171 vs 115kg at top speed of 174mph). Some default 430 light carbon / titanium pieces, but which can be mounted on both cars. Also the additional 430 knob which gives five pre-set traction levels when ESP set to off, may be interesting to play with on track. And of course the 20 additional horsepower, but which should not make a big difference. Some other minor differences, such as the lack of a splitter rubber lip on the 410 (strange, seems useful), and a different rollcage (as seen before). Appart from that, chassis, which may be the most important part, seems to be the same (dampers, anti-roll bars, brakes, weels / tires dimensions). Is this comparison fair ? Perhaps I missed something ? According to my various readings regarding the chassis, even dampers seem to have the same factory clicks settings on both cars. However, in the 410 description : Nitron dampers have been re-tuned for road use and optimized to suit the car’s unique aerodynamic set-up. However part number is the same on both 410 and 430 cars (A138C0096F). I'm then not sure about a possible difference here... If both cars have the same chassis, I then assume we can set both of them (thanks to their adjustable dampers) to feel equally (on road and track). Then the only difference is that the 430 should be faster in fast corners due to its huge downforce (+56kg, almost +50%). But do people care about this spec ? Does it make such a difference on track ? Finally, I'm still wondering why the 410 Hethel laptime (1:24.8 for the 430) does not appear in Lotus documentations. Could perhaps mean 410 did a better, well at least the same laptime ? Sounds like there are also 10 Type 49 and 10 Type 79. At least both new n°1/10 are for sale in France...
  13. Interesting, so why does Lotus remove them when fitting the rollcage + harnesses ?
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