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  1. Won't be there after all. Woke up feeling quite ill today.
  2. Name: Lotus Excel SE Click to view: Lotus Excel SE
  3. Name: Lotus Esprit S1 (1976-1977) Click to view: Lotus Esprit S1 (1976-1977)
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  5. Since the Armstrongs have become difficult to find, I was looking more for data so I could get some aftermarket adjustable shocks and tune to similar to what the originals were. Tuning them buy feel is not a very good idea.
  6. So I tried all of the above techniques and still no luck. I tried using sockets in a press with no luck, even with lots of wd-40 and heat. I even tried burning out the bushings, but was just able to get the center sleeve out. So i tried using a hacksaw and cutting the outer sleeve to try and pry it out, but its still stuck. Not sure what to do. I might just have to give in and buy another link.
  7. Anyone have any advice on removing a difficult rear lower link bush (the old style)?
  8. I keep hearing people complain about the Spax shocks riding too high in the front. What is this all about, needing new springs to work with the Spax shocks? Whats everyones experience with Spax shocks, cause I am having this dilemma right now? Spax or Gaz. I had Spax shocks on the front before and they seemed alright, if not a little stiff.
  9. Does anyone know or have the original compression and rebound rate data for front and rear shocks for an S1/S2 esprit? I'm more interested in the USA specs, but any data is welcome as it will be a good starting point.
  10. They make hub pullers that will make the job easy. Just put it over the wheel studs and thread on lug nuts to secure, the turn the shaft to push out the shaft. Took about 5 mins to do and not too much effort. Something like the link below, but be sure the one you get is the right size for the hub center boss and stud diameters (the link i provided is random just for the concept):
  11. I just did this a few weeks ago. Put the hub carrier in the vice so the vice actually holds the drive shaft to keep it from rotating. Then use an impact wrench to get the nut off. Easiest way to do it. Be careful trying to use a wrench. I tried it that way at first and actually broke my vice. The impact wrench is much better way to go. Good Luck!
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    Sorry. I've been a bit busy, but i've added to the blog, including as many pictures as i thought useful.
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