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  1. Thanks for the link, I would order them. Out of interest, is it difficult to remove the winglets? I checked that only two screws, but not sure whether there is factory adhesive tape in use to fix the winglet or not.
  2. Many Thanks! It definitely provides some protection, no doubt. Have you thought about getting the template bigger so can wrap the edge as well? Secondly, can I have contact of Nick at Aliath ? I am interested to get the similar thing in future.
  3. Please put them on and let us know how it looks like. I pretty sure other members and I would have great interest to buy couple set that allow several changes. Many Thx! Any photo?
  4. If you click on page 2 , scroll down to bottom, you would see how I did it. I bought something like this, then used plier to lightly press the factory female spade termial, then push the adapter with male spade terminal into it to secure.
  5. This is very challenging part, because I have tried two set from eBay, and those seller keep saying "0.5-1 inch" difference from their description, so it is really difficult like trial and error games, In two set I purchased, one of them are not suitable. The suitable one is from UK eBayer seller. However, I MUST SAY that the depth is just ok for IPF, it is not easy to push the dust cap fully, but 1/3 to 1/2 around the edge, I need to keep pushing and turning clockwise to keep the rubber cap feel tight (not 100% tight) to the light house. If the depth can be longer few more mm, it would be perfect. If you want to buy, please help email this eBay seller and tell them his product can be great to Lotus community LED light upgrade. Thanks!
  6. If you click on page 2, you would see that I bought IPF HB3 LED which has integrated driver and fan, from Japan, where I got the info from another member @nordschleife666 Then I bought aftermarket dust cap, so everything is covered by the dust cover.
  7. After road test at nightm, I found the IPF headlights are not bright as I thought, and they are too fused, while high/main beam aftermarket are fine. Then I have checked the LED facing position then figured out why. I have found that our headlight housing is not designed for LED directional, so the flange made my IPF LED light at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock position, which is wrong. After today adjustment, LED are facing 9o'clock and 3 o'clock, then everything works well. They are so bright! I am very happy to say I got what I paid for. Before and After pics are attached
  8. Yes 85mm diameter but they dont look exactly round shape. After put it on, then it works fine. The depth from the seller description was 68mm but actually just about 61-62mm, I thought they would fail to fit. In the end, I managed it well. Not sure whether the cap would fall off or not in long term, need to test for a while. I believe the top back of wheelarch would stop the dust cap falling.
  9. @nordschleife666,many thanks for your info, that gave me the direction. I have ordered IPF F351HLB and aftermarket 85mm dust cap to sort out the dipped beam. They are bright and looks amazing. I would test them on road in April. The stock yellow halogen are not acceptable to my personsal standard at this price range of cars. The car has got all LED light except license plate, dipped beam(low beam) and main beam (high beam) which are halogen. I have ordered IPF halogen for H9/H11 main beam upgrade but they are loose, so I ended up going for H8/H9/H11 LED with mini design and integrated driver/fan from UK Amazon, with some wiring adaptors I did, and now have upgraded them to suit my personal taste. The space is tight, so the cable with IPF need to hide/place in the top side gap in many attemtps before I can put the dust cap on properly. I have ordered another set of dust cap with longer depth from Hong Kong/China, but they would ake ages, so I am happy on what I have done so far. I would like to share my work here.
  10. Do you mind sharing the 2bular full exhuat options you upgraded? Was it just 250Cup/SE ROAD Exhaust System? Including any 4-1 Manifold and HD Cat? I assume you are running stock ECU now with the 2bular full exhaust system, am I right? Thanks!
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