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  1. Anyone know where I can find the bulb holders for the dash warning lights. It would need to fit into a 10mm hole by the looks of it and I cant find anything suitable.
  2. As I will shortly be having a go at rewiring my 1974 Lotus Elite and the existing wiring diagrams are killing my eyes. I thought I would recreate the wiring diagram in a visio type format. I will attach it here in case its of use to anyone else. This is a file so you will have to save the file locally then go to the website to see it. I have also split the various parts of the wiring diagram into different layers so you can just view the part you are interested in without all the noise. Please bear in mind I did this in a bit of a rush so hopefully there wont be too many errors!! Lotus Elite Wiring 2.drawio
  3. Great find, thanks a lot. Just had to trace the indicator wires which was a pain. (I'm 6.3 and its not easy sliding under the dash!) Will come in handy for the other dodgy electrics I'm sure!
  4. Quick update, found my motivation again! I couldnt get the barrel to align enough to allow me to get the key in either by lubricating and wiggling or giving it a tap. Also couldnt get to any grub screws, possibly hidden by console. I have removed the steering wheel, came off pretty easy after i had removed the cover, nut and wiggled it a bit. That allowed me to remove the central part of the console. I can now see enough of the steering lock/ignition assembly to see where the bolts are. Was hoping they hadnt been sheared off as read a few posts where they got lucky. Me? not so lucky so looks like i will need to drill out the shear bolts if i want to replace the whole unit...
  5. Thanks for all your replies. I have been trying the wiggle and lubricant method with no luck. Ill have a look for this grub screw tonight and report back. That would be ideal if i can get it going.
  6. Feeling down today I thought I was getting on well as a complete beginner, slowly fixing the odd issue on my 74 Elite. However tried to start my car today and the key wont go into the ignition and the wheel is locked. Anyone got any ideas? I suspect im going to need a whole new steering lock / ignition switch. If thats the case any tips on replacing this without ripping out the dash or steering wheel as thats probably beyond my abilities.
  7. Cheers for the tips, ill have a crack at this over the weekend. 😀
  8. Lovely just what i needed, thanks 😀😀😀
  9. Hi I have finally taken the plunge and bought a 74 Elite from a local auction. The plan is to learn as I go, fixing all the little niggles. The main thing i notice is you need to be seriously strong to turn the wheel, especially at low speeds. Its a real effort. I've had cars without power steering in the past and it was never like this. Anyone got an idea what this may be? I have checked the tires and they seem to be correct sizes..
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