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  1. I’ve had tinnitus (+ hyperacusis) for 9 years and owned an exige 350s V6 for 1 year, even with the exhaust valve open there’s no way that car (the level of db within the cockpit) causes tinnitus or worsens it
  2. thank you! I’ve been living in the uk for the last 9 years (it is a requirement for lotus to sell a LHD spec in the uk that you actually live in the uk) but coming back to Madrid by the end of 2021 and of course taking that 20th aniv beauty with me
  3. I also ordered one in laser blue, expecting it around end sep / beginning of October, with LHD spec as I'm planning to go back to Spain EOY 2021 AFAIK they are going to be limited outside UK, not sure in the UK
  4. Thank you !! I'm planning to take the car out of UK end of next year so I've directly ordered it full LHD spec including the headlights
  5. Hi all I'm bumping this post to ask if would it be possible to adjust the headlights laterally for a LHD conversion? Thanks
  6. cuprapw

    Soft top

    I'm going to sell one pretty soon (15 days) as I'm selling my 350, bought 2.5 months ago from lotus, good as new
  7. Sascha from Komo-tec reply to an email I sent saying their solution will be available in ~Winter 2020 I also got a reply from JUBU, the extra saving for an IPS would be around 200 euros as it already has the paddles so I guess I will have to wait for komo-tec solution, no way I'm spending 25k
  8. Also should the price from manual -> DCT be the same as IPS->DCT??? I guess that the DCT integration should be easier having an Exige IPS as the base
  9. 25k!!! I want a bit of what they smoke... Let’s see what Komo-tec comes up with
  10. Glad to see there will be another option apart from Komo-tec’s
  11. Thanks for your feedback AndyD What do you exactly mean with this ?? "I wait a couple of secnds before turning the DPM switch" Regards
  12. I’ve managed to remove the faults (at the second attempt with torque pro it worked) , take a ride trying to replicate what I did and so far so good, I will take it to lotus when they reopen as they must be able to read the fault codes historical
  13. Hi all Today I got all this fault codes (check the attached imgs )in my 17 Exige 350s after the traction control kicked in taking a roundabout and lotus is closed, any clue about what this could be, the only non OEM element I have is Imran's Air intake, I hope they are not picky with it as the car is still under official warranty I had it installed when I bought the car and used it more than 2000 miles with cero problems Clearing the fault codes is not working, they pop up again
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