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  1. I installed this one in the circuit where the pcv is, which is the problematic one in the 4xx engines
  2. I ordered them 2.5 months ago, it is insane what it is happening with tyres stock, specifically Yokohama
  3. I just fitted 225/45 and 295/30 in my 410 Front: -1.6° camber (all shims out), there's a bit of rubbing on the backor the right side with the wheels fully turned Back: -2° camber (max the excentric can do) no rubbing at all And by the way, what an impressive tyre the A052... A few pictures of cup 2 285 vs A052 295
  4. What was the specific failure in the old one ? My car is 11/2020 not sure what version I've got, but I never had a problem during track days (regardless of high ambient temperatures)
  5. When I did it, it was 6 clicks for me (from fully retracted). Just check with 5/6 clicks what the brake pedal travel is when you can see the brake lights come on. Another good reference is (if you have it) when it kicks you out of cruise control. In my case, with 5 clicks, just the slightest touch on the brake pedal was kicking me out of CC.
  6. I did it 2 weeks ago, in my case 2.9 liters came out in mine. I also ended up with the level around 40 mm below the casing. I'm checking now if there's a way to read the oil temp from the sensor, as It would be nice info to have
  7. Great, thanks for clarifying 👍. Now with -2 I have no problem with the rim so it should be ok with 295
  8. Good point about manually run the oil pump, I can't do that either as I don't have the bloody lotus tech center. I will do the same you did. Thank you for the tips:)
  9. @Toqcars,I was planning to fit that size in my 410 (same as 430 cup wheels with spacer) but with 1.9 negative camber. I guess as per your info that it should be ok without rubbing anywhere. For the front, I will go for 225/45 for which I expect little rubbing when fully turning the wheel
  10. Super helpful information @Paul_D. I have to do the same next month BTW what did you use to check the level when refilling. Did you build a handcrafted dipstick as per the service notes ?
  11. Yes they do. Edit: I just saw it was clarified My next set after the cup 2s will be A052 225/45/17 and 295/30/18
  12. Any news on this? I have the 2bular (with cat) kit as well, it is working great without cell light, but in the future I would like to add the intake and remap. Jubu told me they will start offering maps to be self-installed (Like kmotec) in September. Don't even try with Komotec you either buy all their stuff or they won't sell the map alone, Jubu seems much more open to this Regards
  13. Hi zaero, I'm well aware that there has been a delay with those end plates as I'm also waiting for the right ones for my 380 cup wing, lockdowns in Shanghai screwed up everything. Every time I asked for an update, Jason was quite responsive, even sending me videos of the end plates in the factory. I was also not happy with the older version of the side scoops, and he refunded me without any problem. I got some minor marks in my carbon wing, and he sent me a new body Regards
  14. I read that people remove one bolt of the heat shield and then bend the heat shield a bit. I will fit it next week
  15. The auto gearbox it is supposed to be cooled already. Maybe one of the komotec kits? Although not sure whether that will be fore effective than OEM
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