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  1. The workshop just told me that both the clam and diffuser finisher are repairable 😅 It is really sad we can't enjoy our cars wherever we want because of scumbags like the one who hit my Exige... unless it is in a secured parking or the car is in my sight I won't take the exige out and use my old megane 16v
  2. Thank you :), I will definitely take this in account 100% agree, sadly nowadays people just want rights and not take responsibility
  3. A really "nice" person hit my car while it was parked ..... he/she didn't leave any note or similar
  4. £1344 😐 (I guess plus VAT on top of that...), not sure what sort of evil weed lotus is smoking when they set prices
  5. Thank you @trcm, really useful tips
  6. Hi Folks My beloved motherland has its retarded citizens welcomed me.... (see the pic) I'm gonna repair the rear clam fibreglass but the Diffuser Finisher has been also hit, and is broken in 2 places , next to one of the rear parking sensors and at the bottom (non visible) part , I was thinking of repair if it is possible , if I have to replace it I would pay a bit more (not in Lotus obvs) and get a carbon rear diffuser finisher I haven't been been to find a place to buy it apart from here and it looks a bit dodgy to me
  7. This is exactly what I observed, there's no change in the number of clicks whatsoever , I've tried both ways , both turning at the same time when adjusting HS and holding LS while adjusting HS, the result in terms of oosition (clicks) is exactly the same
  8. I don't even know if it was there before but it cought my attention 2 days ago Is this sound normal (it is a sport 410)
  9. Quick question for the 20th owners (or anyone who knows ) Today I noticed this squealing-ish noise in my engine (it was cold) is it normal ???
  10. I recommend to retrofit the exhaust flap switch .... The sound of the 410 exhaust is music to your ears without having to wait for 4.5rmp, lotus removed it because of the stupid EU regulations
  11. I wish I could do that myself by apparently TechCentre software is almost impossible to get without being an official dealer
  12. Thank you @Arun_D, I will go to a Lotus dealer at some point for an ECU dump (the closest is 400km from where I live) , the car has been running smoothly for more than one month and 1K km since then, I don't even actually know if the engine was over-revved
  13. Hi folks I would like to know if there's a way with an OBD2 fault code reader to know if there has been an over-rev, like one month (and more than 1000km) ago I downshifted from 3rd to 2nd instead of 4th by mistake in my 410 Sport, as soon as I felt the car's reaction and saw the red lights in the dash I pressed the clutch pedal (but not sure if i actually went beyond 7K revs) , there was no weird sound, no engine light and the engine has been running 100% smoothly since then, that is why I'm not even sure if the engine actually over-revved , would there be any fault code / log I can rea
  14. Mine finally exported Do we know how many 20th units were produced ??? It has been for sale barely 7 months The only mod short term will be the 430 cup side scoops
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