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  1. Hi zaero, I'm well aware that there has been a delay with those end plates as I'm also waiting for the right ones for my 380 cup wing, lockdowns in Shanghai screwed up everything. Every time I asked for an update, Jason was quite responsive, even sending me videos of the end plates in the factory. I was also not happy with the older version of the side scoops, and he refunded me without any problem. I got some minor marks in my carbon wing, and he sent me a new body Regards
  2. I read that people remove one bolt of the heat shield and then bend the heat shield a bit. I will fit it next week
  3. The auto gearbox it is supposed to be cooled already. Maybe one of the komotec kits? Although not sure whether that will be fore effective than OEM
  4. Just in case it helps, I reseted the switch brake pedal as outlined (5 clicks) in the service manual and everything ok since then. I got a new one as spare part anyway as this part seems to behave "funny"
  5. Hi all I have quite a poltergeist and I think the culprit is the stupid cobra immobilizer, this is the sequence of events 1) I open the car with the key (immobilizer is turned off) 2) put the key into the cylinder and move it to the position II, I can see all the lights in the dash, but I can't hear the fuel pump priming (If at this point I press the engine start button I have a hesitant start of the engine) 3) move the key back to position I 4) move the key to position II, then I can see the lights in the dash PLUS the fuel pump priming m the car starts normally What is more funny With the immobilizer turned off if I take the key out of the cylinder and I let enough time pass as to hear the beeps of the alarm (or I suppose that is the alarm) when I put the key back into the cylinder I ALSO have to do the "ritual", key to position II key back to position I and key to position II to hear the fuel pump priming Lotus Electronic is a well known disgusting thing, if you add the cobra alarm to the equation it makes it even worse any ideas are welcomed Regards
  6. Hi I would like to buy a lithium battery for my 2020 Exige and I can seen that for the same model there is one called "euro 6", my car is supposed to be euro 6, the main difference between both models is this: "This battery is specially designed for vehicles with intelligent generator control" How do I know if my 2020 Exige has that?? Thank you
  7. Do you know any place from where I can buy the 380 wing plates to be fitted in my 410 wing?? Lotus's price is just absurd ....
  8. Ah Ok, definitely, adding charge cooling to the kit (EX 460) is around 15k Eur 👍
  9. Komotech ex475 pack for a 410-430 is 6k GBP, way less than 20k
  10. Yes, definitely, but not just literally when you put your foot on the brake and move it 1 mm, at least that is not the behavior in my other car with CC, you need a bit more than 1 mm for it to kick you out of CC
  11. More to the story I reset yesterday the switch as per the service notes instructions, and so far so good (20 miles with hard braking and accelerations, no heel and toe tho). With 5 "clicks" the brake pedal is not that sensible to kick you out of cruise mode simply by putting the foot on the pedal Another interesting data-point is that it also started to misbehave as I stared to use more and more heel and me that is insane in a car like a Lotus Exige
  12. Ok today I got the dreaded TCS light plus a wrench icon in the dash later, the car even went into some sort of limp mode (P2104 Throttle actuator control system - Forced idle) I also read the codes: P1106 and the more specific P0571 Cruise control/brake switch A circuit So 99% a faulty pedal switch brake sensor, I've ordered a new one from elise-parts
  13. Hi folks, Hopefully you can shed some more light on the problem I'm experiencing. Over the last month (and shortly after an ECU reset disconnecting the battery, but I guess it was a mere coincidence) the following is happening to my Exige 410: -Most of the time right after breaking or after a few seconds of braking and pressing quickly and gently the throttle pedal (almost fully) the car simply: 1) Cuts power off for 1-3 seconds, similar to when you hit the rev limiter 2) Kicks me out of sport/race mode 3) After those 1-3 seconds everything goes back to normal, no dash lights and no OBD errors are logged It is not happening all the time, it is quite random, but it at least happens 1 or 2 times every time I use the car, after reading a lot in the forum apparently there could be 2 culprits, the infamous brake pedal switch or the steering wheel sensor, I've noticed that my brake pedal is extremely sensitive, when I have the cruise control on simply by putting my foot on the pedal (maybe moving it 1-2 mm) the cruise control gets disconnected Next steps: -I've ordered silicone grease to put it on the pedal switch plunge -Moving the plunge one click in, in order to make it less sensitive?? -Replace the switch itself? -Take it to the dealer ??? I would like to avoid this one as the closer dealer is 400 km away, and on top of that no error is being logged in the ECU Any hits or help would be much appreciated Regards
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