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    Lotus Emira

    An evora 410 is faster than a 350 ok, the 350 using Corsa's An evora 410 is slower than a Exige 380 using both cups An evora 430GT is slower than a exige cup 430 both using cups (you cannot hide 200kg)
  2. cuprapw

    Lotus Emira

    Emira in its lightest form is lighter than Evora S IPS, let's see what the "standard" Emira weight is....
  3. +1 and I know a few, specially EX-460, close to 500nm
  4. Not sure where the hype for a 2.0 with a big turbo is coming from...
  5. +400bhp with an absolute ridiculous lag
  6. You were simply lucky, not the norm at all. The norm is to pay both VAT and import duties
  7. Hi It was not me, I haven't even tried to install the new bulbs yet
  8. Hi all, I got a tool to measure camber, and I was quite surprised with the results, almost 3 negative degrees on the rear axle. AFAIK the stock rear camber in the 380/410/430 is -2.15 +-0.15 Rear: Front: is this normal? PS: the result measuring it from the brake discs or the week cap is practically the same
  9. No sure if it is something common or what they did but in the sound system in my exige 20th I get the current battery voltage
  10. Thank you :), sadly I'm going to have to try with another seller as this one does not ship to Spain What did you do to adapt the spades connectors of the main bean bulb to the new ones ?? Regatds
  11. Which one did you buy?? Did you buy it on eBay??
  12. Yes, no light on the dash at all, It was just a routine obd2 check after I noticed the brake noise and removed/put back the brake pad to identify where the noise was coming from
  13. Hi Folks D Doing a routine OBD2 scan after I go a weird noise breaking, that finally turned out to be the brake pads, I got the following error: Chassis C22C1. I haven't been able to find any information about this error neither online nor in the service manual nor in the forum, I'm wondering if it could be due to removing and putting back the brake pads. There's no light at the dash Could anyone shed some light on this? Regards
  14. I've just removed the brake pads, span the wheel and there's no sound, I put the brake pads back again and the sound is there again, so I guess is related to the brake pads ... (the disk is ok, not bent, not scratched and there's no steering wheel vibrations) so I will wait as I expect it to go away by itself I've done a routine odb2 scan and this code came up "Chassis C22C1" not sure if this is related to the sound, so me removing the brake pads or something else, there's no light on the dash (I haven't been able to find anything on the internet) any idea???
  15. hahahahaaha, agree I put a bit of glitter on that one
  16. a kit without aftermarket headers and sports cats (like SSC kit), then main discussion here has been that 470bhp with stock headers and cats will affect reliability "Not saying it is not possible. Questioning whether it is advisable for longevity/reliability." this was your specific sentence about SSC kit
  17. We are mixing things here What I read before is that 450-470 would be so insane that reliability will be affected, but there's a SSC kit with a bigger supercharger making 470cv keeping the stock headers and cat, that kit is expensive...yes... it is a new supercharger plus charge cooling, it has to be expensive. As I said they keep stock headers and cat, My point is that I don't think SSC sells an unreliable kit for 15K GBP In my case upgrading to the TVS1900 makes no sense as the supercharger in the 410's (TVS17XX I can't remember) has more capacity than 350's, I can get those 470 "easily" without changing the supercharger and apparently the internals limit of the V6 engine is 500cv so better play same with 25-30 bhp less than that I agree that the stock headers for the V6 engine are not the most efficient, but I also read somewhere that there are some differences in the pipes diameter between 350s and 410s and yeah Happy tuning
  18. Normal reversing like to get out of a parking hasn't worked out , I will try a place when I can get more speed on reverse and brake. Next step is to take the wheel out and inspect as @Kristof Thys suggests Last resort....take it to the workshop The sound has been there now maybe for 30 miles. Thanks
  19. SSC is really well know on the field, not sure why that stage they sell including a whole new supercharger would be unreliable
  20. Hi Yesterday I was having fun on some country roads, there was gravel and on the way back home I noticed a "clic clic clic" sound, specially noticeable when braking (the higher the speed the higher it sounds), it is just on the right front wheel, I can't see any scratches on the outer side of the disc, so It might be on the inside, any hits of what it could be?? Here there's a video in which besides the normal sound of the pad rubbing the disc you can also hear the "clic clic clic" Thank you
  21. I 100% agree we lack that those skills. My point is that the main argument of, komo-tech does X and there is no other way to get 460-470bhp reliably is not valid when Simply sport cars (well known in the field) are getting those 475cv differently (stock Cat and Headers)
  22. SimplySportsCars does not have any power phase for 410/430's supercharger. They directly go for the TVS 1900 and in their charge cooled version unless I'm missing something I see nothing related to headers or decat/sports catalyst, just the CAI kit, claiming 475bhp In the video they even say that if you want more than those 475 bhp at the crank you will need aftermarket headers and exhaust, how is it possible that SimplySportCars gets 475bhp maintaining stock headers and exhaust ?
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