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  1. Hey guys, I want to sell my intake air system from Imran because I chance to the 430 kit from Komotec. Which guy from Germany is interest because I stay in Germany? Best wishes georg 10.pdf
  2. So, today, everything is ok. I go to KT with the problem and they measure the same. Komotech have identified two rockers that have become dislodged within the valvetrain on my engine. This can occur if the engine is allowed to over-speed by selection of too low a gear from too high an engine speed. Looking back at the performance data recently sent to Lotus by MAS Style, they can see that there have been a number of engine over-speeding events over the life of the vehicle that may have caused this issue, quite possibly before I owned it. Komo-tech refit now the dislodged rockers and reassemble the engine. The last test show now 350 PS . Best wishes Georg
  3. The front wheels were also in traction so no problem.
  4. Do you think it´s so different to test the power of a Exe than the power of another car? End if this week I will bring the car to Wuppertal to have some tests. Best wishes Georg
  5. I ask Komo but I have to go by the first time to my dealer in Wuppertal. I am shure that the test with 277 PS was correct because the company who test the car also work on Mc Laren, Audi R8 or Nissan GTR. So the know what to do. I have next week a visit at my dealer to have some tests and they will send the results to Hethel. Best wishes Georg
  6. Correct. Only modification is Komotec exhaust and K&N air filters so normaly 350 PS + - 5 %. In this moment I can`t go to Komotec because the first guarantee applicant goes through another Lotus dealer. Best wishes Georg
  7. Hallo guys, yesterday I drive with my Exige V6 to another company to make a new performance test with a 4 wheel Dyno. My V6 get the same result of only 277,92 PS like the first test on the 2 wheel Dyno. The company who are involved in tuning MC Laren and other sport cars are shure that there is a problem with the car and not with the performance test. What´s the problem with my car do you think ? Today I ask Lotus what to do because I have 3 years guarantee on my car with normaly 350 PS and not 277 PS. I hope I get a suitible answer from Lotus. Best wishes Georg RE-GK350.bmp
  8. Isn´t it possible to switch off the system of the Exige to measure with a 2WD dyno? Sometimes there is a fuse for the front wheels to cut the system. We measure some years ago my car (Artega) with the same 2WD dyno with pulling the fuse.
  9. Correct. I left more than 60 kW without modification. Oh, sorry, two modification. exhaust from Komotec and air filter K&N Best wishes Gerog
  10. Hallo Imran, I stay today to test the power of my car before changing to your system. I can´t understand why but it will be only 192 kW by 5310. I will stay with the car by Lotus next week. Who have the same problem in the past? Lotus said my dealer in germany had to reset the EMS. Best wishes Georg
  11. Ok. Thanks for the quick answer. I will waiting for the next run. Please let it run fast. Best wishes Georg But when I look on the side it is now possible to buy?
  12. Very nice to read about this kit. Very good job. How can I buy it and is it possible to send it to Germany. What´s the price? Best wishes Georg
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