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  1. Yep. Some 400s on for that same price. I think someone will get an amazing deal. Just wondering if that person should be me! 😊 Yeh that’s not going to be a popular colour. Thing is perhaps this is more realistically priced as the more expensive ones have been hanging around for months! I’ve been waiting for them to drop but not budging.
  2. £59k for a GT410 Sport. What’s the catch? £14k cheaper than the next cheapest but 19k miles - does that mean buying and driving a low miler would cost £1k in depreciation for every 1000 miles?
  3. 2015-2017 models are ranging from £55-60k tops. Nothing more than that other than this one. What options on the car were must haves for you? What colour did you get? It’s on AT for £60k!!
  4. I found with the girlfriend less effort was required for more intimacy. When she became the wife, it flipped the other way round!!! Can you point me to a place that will be give me a good P/X value for her? 😊
  5. My Cayman R didn’t have AC and it was a nightmare in winter or when raining having to wipe the windscreen!! Took me back to my first car ownership days having to deal with a choke and now PAS!!! 😊
  6. Hi guys, So partner has green lighted the 400 purchase as long as kids can sit in back so need to go check one out. I think I read the space in the back is appreciably different to the Evora and S so need to specifically check the 400 out. Don’t seem any close to where I am (Berkshire) so will need to organise a day trip with kids in tow. In terms of spec I really like the look of red leather (one on PH currently has mix of red leather and Alcantara which looks lovely!). I’m also unsure on colour - I really like red and yellow but also don’t mind the gunmetal grey - I’ve had ca
  7. It’s more about what sort of car experience you want and not buying a manual or auto because of resale as long as you go into it eyes open with what the market might buying a brown car...I think!! I’m sure there is demand for both as lots more Evora drivers seem to use it as a daily than your other traditional (German) marques so can see the attraction of an auto. Also, the same marques are “educating” the public that auto is the accepted way forward whereas when I drove my first 911 around 15 years ago it just felt wrong that it wasn’t manual. Now the vast majority of those
  8. Thank you @Bruss, from your experience does IPS or manual have any impact? Is one more desirable than the other impacting resale? Best, GM
  9. Hi @Nathan Pitman, you’ve got the IPS right? I’m not sure right now as haven’t driven one but IF it’s like my experience of when I bought my Cayman R, I much preferred the manual with short shift vs PDK which was sluggish and I also felt more connected to the car with the manual. I want to put the miles on the car and use it like you (I have 3 kids not of a dissimilar age to you) so I can see the attraction of IPS but it won’t be used for a daily commute so unsure which way I’ll land esp as it seems the Evora’s shift doesn’t sound like it’ll be good as the Cayman’s. Did you t
  10. Hey @Bruss, no car is an investment (unless you can afford a limited run GT car) but just looking for something that won’t burn me as I have been in the past (lost 25k in 2.5 years which really hurt my ability to move to the next car so had to do without one for a while). Do you think £13k depreciation over 3 years on a 3 year old 400 sounds about right? Best, GM
  11. Ah! So 400 it is then!! I thought I'd seen 410s with the 2+2 seat option but I guess then these are newer and so more £££. I'd still appreciate thoughts on the price of 400s going forward. Especially with us looking increasingly likely to leave the EU with no deal, do we see this having a negative impact on prices of such cars or are they more immune than, say, house prices? BR, GM.
  12. Hi guys, So I was due to start a thread - "which Evora?" as I wasn't sure to go Evora (low running costs, low depreciation) S (improved but more expensive to run) and 400 (obviously higher initial outlay) but the more I've done my research, the more I've realised I would really like the 400. Now, it seems a decent spec 400 would be £55K but then you can get a 410 for perhaps another £10K more. I'm trying to sort my man maths out and would like some thoughts on should I try to stretch to the 410 or go for the 400? I do tend to justify my car buys by working out cost over 3 year
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