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  1. Just on the offchance does anyone here know how to find/get the radio reset code for 2013 Evora S ? Thanks, M.
  2. Hope this is not ominous for the Evija? Just started saving for mine ( may get there by 2098!!)
  3. OK 10 days passed and no answers / opinions from the said @C8RKH in response so I wish to claim the prize If it is the mentioned bottle of wine then that should last me 6 months so obviously the best home for it to be appreciated and not consumed within 6 minutes like some unmentionables on here.
  4. @machine7 does that mean that he will not plague these pages again How did you manage it ? @C8RKH we love you really just difficult to show it
  5. Why do you now have a death wish? Covid finally getting to you? Anyway cannot do that as the site would be lost without you . Ok wimp .... starting to store 2000 tons of Ammonium Nitrate i readiness
  6. @C8RKH It is not a free World or at least soon will not be ... I am going to start charging for it The first to be charge will be your good self ... all tickets £1 each ... should bring in a tidy sum and definitely VFM
  7. Don't wish to disagree with you for fear of your wrath BUT... It has nothing to do with cost / head of population but VFM for job done. Cost of the paint job .. not sure but perhaps someone can enlighten me ? Charges for drawing a Union Jack and calling it a design ??? ... astronomical and disproportionate it would seem !
  8. You drink toooo much (just ask your wife!)
  9. Ok I take the numpty crown ... happy to wear it if it fits
  10. Unless I am mistaken (which is always possible) I do not believe my Evora is with you? ... and, therefore, you do not WIN!! I am still looking to make the top spot. especially as no-one has come up with an answer.
  11. Just browsing and thinking to myself that @C8RKH appears everywhere! Low and behold I found this thread that had not crossed my path before What I want to know is why I miss things? (and no I am not blind, just Evora-less). M.
  12. Well she certainly got me going!
  13. Does your wife actually know that you are referring to her as a donkey? ... if not you may need some protective armour!
  14. @pete Yes that was one of main reasons for sale.... the way that I was driving it would only been a matter of time before I got pulled. ... but really missing it and only emphasises the fact that there is nothing out there that even begins to compare for the money. @C8RKH Hey who told you? Supposed to be a secret so please don't tell everyone . M.
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