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  1. Just on the offchance does anyone here know how to find/get the radio reset code for 2013 Evora S ? Thanks, M.
  2. Hope this is not ominous for the Evija? Just started saving for mine ( may get there by 2098!!)
  3. OK 10 days passed and no answers / opinions from the said @C8RKH in response so I wish to claim the prize 😃 If it is the mentioned bottle of wine then that should last me 6 months so obviously the best home for it to be appreciated and not consumed within 6 minutes like some unmentionables on here. 😇
  4. A bottle of Sancerre ?? (or 2) 😜
  5. @machine7 does that mean that he will not plague these pages again 🙏 How did you manage it ? @C8RKH we love you really just difficult to show it 😉
  6. Why do you now have a death wish? Covid finally getting to you? Anyway cannot do that as the site would be lost without you 😍. Ok wimp .... starting to store 2000 tons of Ammonium Nitrate i readiness 😁
  7. @C8RKH It is not a free World or at least soon will not be ... I am going to start charging for it đŸ¤Ŗ The first to be charge will be your good self ... all tickets ÂŖ1 each ... should bring in a tidy sum and definitely VFM 😷
  8. Don't wish to disagree with you for fear of your wrath BUT... It has nothing to do with cost / head of population but VFM for job done. Cost of the paint job .. not sure but perhaps someone can enlighten me ? Charges for drawing a Union Jack and calling it a design ??? ... astronomical and disproportionate it would seem ! đŸ¤Ŧ
  9. You drink toooo much đŸ¤Ŗ (just ask your wife!)
  10. Ok I take the numpty crown ... happy to wear it if it fits
  11. Unless I am mistaken (which is always possible) I do not believe my Evora is with you? ... and, therefore, you do not WIN!! I am still looking to make the top spot. 😇 especially as no-one has come up with an answer.
  12. Just browsing and thinking to myself that @C8RKH appears everywhere! Low and behold I found this thread that had not crossed my path before 🤔 What I want to know is why I miss things? (and no I am not blind, just Evora-less). M.
  13. Well she certainly got me going! 😝
  14. Does your wife actually know that you are referring to her as a donkey? đŸ¤Ē ... if not you may need some protective armour!
  15. @pete Yes that was one of main reasons for sale.... the way that I was driving it would only been a matter of time before I got pulled. 😡 ... but really missing it and only emphasises the fact that there is nothing out there that even begins to compare for the money. @C8RKH Hey who told you? Supposed to be a secret so please don't tell everyone 😂. M.
  16. MadMick


    Yes really nice one Filip, well done. The usual Lotus type ones don't do it for me (sorry to anyone that has one). At least now I know that I am not completely losing it (thanks Bibs). Will now go and take some Aspirin to rid me of the headache trying to work it out đŸ˜Ģ M.
  17. MadMick


    Yes v nice but I am having one of my moments! What would the true reg be? 🤔 M.
  18. @Kimbers Know exactly what you mean ... that is the reason that I decided to sell mine ☚ī¸. They just beg to go faster. Definitely missing it already but the head needs to win occasionally 🤠. M.
  19. @Bibs Will you stoppit!! You know that I do not have a car to lust over now đŸ¤Ē M.
  20. đŸ¤Ŗ đŸ¤Ŗ đŸ¤Ŗ see you are still on form then! M.
  21. This... New&onesearchad=Used&year-from=2009&page=2 is STILL for sale. I would possibly have had a go at buying that but they messed me about something chronic and never did get back to me after various calls to them! Was what they called cheap @ ÂŖ67k hahaha. Possibly slightly more realistic now but v unsure about its' history?? M.
  22. @TdM @C8RKH Thanks guys. What was that abowt Ingleesh teechers?? đŸ¤Ŗ M.
  23. Really sad day 😒 Just sold the Evora ... I know that I will regret it but had my head hat on today instead of the heart one. Someone just got an absolute bargain but hope that they really enjoy it as it is meant to be. Will still be around from time to time but sadly unlikely to be in a Lotus for a while. Best wishes to you all and thanks for the help along the way. M.
  24. @mayevora Ian if that is true it is even more amazing! .... or the pic is very deceptive. How do you even get into the car let alone out of it? OR are you 18 years old and extremely agile? Do you pass 1 part of your body out at a time? đŸĨ´ M.
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