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  1. Problem solved! The dealer fitted new rear tyres but did not replace the front tyres, so the traction control was picking up a difference in traction levels between the front and rear. In the middle east tyres bake hard very quickly with the heat, so although the tyres looked as good as new, the rubber was not as sticky as the fresh rears. I'm amazed the system was so sensitive!
  2. Thanks guys, yes it would of been sensible to try turning the TC off, I didn't think of that at the time As it does it in both directions always grabbing the outer front, I'm thinking it's more than a simple loose sensor. It also has the local dealer stumped and he is getting alot of advise from the UK on the fault, so I guess it's not a common or obvious issue. I'll keep u posted
  3. Just purchased a 2014 Evora S. 3 Days out of the showroom it developed an issue where on faster sweeping bends (left and right hand) the ABS starts chattering and grabbing front wheel. Stops when out of the bend, and no lights at all come up on the dash. Any ideas? ABS control module fault or some sensor? Thanks!
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