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  1. ....not a problem I ever experienced with my old Plus 2, the leaky old twin cam saw to that!
  2. I keep my undertray bolts copper greased but each time I remove them I see the effects of electrolytic corrosion on the aluminium trays and was thinking - has anyone put together a stainless bolt set? ....not only would they look good but they would remove the lingering concerns over seized bolts and corroded aluminium
  3. Bit of an update - after the post above I fitted a split hose sleeve around the handbrake cable as a precaution however my Evora failed it's MOT today due to the handbrake not working on the NS. Got back home to investigate and ended up stripping out the handbrake cable and rear NS brakes. The rubbing on the wishbone had caused the outer sleeve to wear through causing water ingress and the inner cable to completely seize. I've managed to get it free after much oiling and manipulation and re fitted the original cable and it should get through the re test tomorrow but the rust was so severe
  4. I'm considering fitting a cold air intake to my 2010 n/a Evora but can't seem to find a supplier in the UK. I would be interested to hear whether this is worthwhile (seeking a bit more torque ostensibly) and whether I can order one in the UK. Any other comments appreciated - car currently has a K&N panel filter and 3rd cat delete Cheers🙂
  5. Hi Dave, Mini will be running a 1310 with 10.5 c/r based on a 1300GT engine, A+ rods, Nural pistons, Cooper S head, 276 cam, light steel flywheel and clutch and full balanced bottom end, lightened steel duplex timing gears with a SC box with Abingdon ST ratios. Will probably go with 1.5" twin SU's, if only for the looks as I find a single 1.75" more friendly Going for the Nick Swift 'racer' look so rose petals will be the order of the day. Tweed Grey with a black roof Shell is currently away for paint and due back in the next few weeks - looking foward to the build now, good to
  6. Thanks Dave - good old Lotus eh? ....think I will apply the split heater hose fix as a precaution
  7. I own the Solar Yellow car that appears throughout this video Dave so you can add that one! Interesting you have a 1960 Mini as well as the Evora - I'm currently restoring a 1967 Tweed Grey
  8. I've removed the rear undertray on my 2010 NA to do the aux belt and have been looking about for any other jobs that need doing I've noticed that the handbrake cables are rubbing quite alamingly where they route thorugh the rear wishbones to the extent of wearing a groove into the bones and removing the plastic sheathing from the cables to expose the spiral wound inner. Is this in any way normal? I was thinking that the cables may have been fitted incorrectly but the service manual mentions the cables being routed "through the wishbones" so I think they are routed as intended Has any
  9. Fantastic service from these guys in Germany - ordered 2 new ballast units on Wednesday and they have just arrived: and around £65 each (did I see somewhere that Lotus want something like £380 a pop)😮
  10. I was thinking someone might have been able to comment? Anyhow having done some Internet 'research' is seems that a sudden lamp failure goes 9 times out of 10 with a simultaneous ballast failure. Also, it's the bulbs (when old) that tend to kill ballast rather than the other way around So I've ordered two new genuine Valeo ballast units from Germany and will be fitting both new ballast and Osram lamps to each headlight so hopefully I'll now be future proof and able to continue enjoying my Evora as the nights draw in😀
  11. ....would love to Tim but as mentioned to Lee, I'll be slumming it in Tuscany by then☹️😎
  12. Here she is. It's actually the same car which appears in this documentary on the Evora:
  13. Hi there, first real post on here as an Evora owner - I hope someone can help with my query I collected my 2010 NA Evora last week and am bowled over with it. However, slight glitch is the nearside headlamp has stopped working. I've removed the burner/lamp unit and the small capsule with the electrodes in the middle of the tube is very grey and milky with black spots on the glass so I assume this does indicate a dead lamp? So I've ordered a pair of new Osram lamps on the basis that I'll change both sides to ensure even brightness/colour. This then got me wondering why the lamp went (
  14. Hi there, just signed up here having recently acquired an Evora (2010 2+0 in Solar Yellow) I recently sold my Elan Plus 2 which I restored from scratch and after 12 years decided the time had come for a modern Lotus. I have wanted an Evora since they were launched and the ownership experience so far is living up to expectations - what a superb car. I'm based in NE Cumbria.
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