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  1. I'm no expert on glass fibre, and would most probably make a mess ha. And yes I do have the bag still.
  2. Yh not sure what's best course to go down, was even looked at the vinyl folding sunroofs but can't see that fitting. Yh from one of John's friends. bodywork has lots of cracking too, I don't suppose anyone would know of any body shops around London/Essex that have experiences with lotus cars?
  3. Hi It sits flush with the headlining inside, which is in good nick. But yh if I could get a flat panel, or even perspex panel made up, at least it wouldn't have the quazi Modo humps ha. But again not sure who would do this custom work. And cheers I'll ask lotusbits on the off chance.
  4. Hi massive long shot, but I'm after a Riviera roof thats flat, mine has awul bulges and is warped in such a way it doesn't seal properly. I had considered trying to fix it but not sure how to go about it. Regards jack
  5. Thanks. I believe they call it a gold interior, like a yellow mustard colour. dash is a bit torn, don't know if you guys know anywhere I can get it mended? Thanks for adding me, yh definitely will have to show my face, eager to learn and get some tips.
  6. Yes I did see this, looks good in the red. I've bought a black riviera last month to be honest 🎉.
  7. Hi John, looks like I'll be booking a flight soon. Just need to get a weekend free, in a week or two. It's exactly what I've been looking for, was just scared to commit because of the distance, exciting times, first lotus! Kind regards Jack.
  8. Hi John, do you think the riviera will make 2 300mile trips back to London in you're opinion? Thanks jack
  9. Hi I've been on the hunt for an eclat s2 or riviera for a long time now, anything in the London essex area, would be ideal. Thanks Jack.
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