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    Nick Wannop
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    Esprit v8
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    PUK ECU. CP Carillo forged pistons, , ceramic crowns, molybdenum skirts. GTO Quaife gear kit & Quaife ATB limited slip diff. Higher .70 5th gear ratio. 3 core main radiator. Alloy chargecooler front radiator. Custom twin chargecoolers with BOV's. Custom header tank. PNM Discs & Calipers, 6 pot front 4pt rear. Nitron springs & adjustable dampers. Lower ride height. RC injectors. 200 cell cats no silencers. Wastegate capsules. Profec boost controller. Carbon fibre tailgate. LED headlights, side, fog. Alloy fuel tanks. Lightweight battery...... phew!
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    Cambridge UK
  1. It's my car in the photos and I'd be happy to discuss any of the changes I've made as well as the charge coolers.... The points made by Mike Sekinger and MrDangerUS above say it all... but I'll ramble on for a bit anyway and repeat things..... These charge coolers were expensive, I was buying a custom built 'one off'. I didn't want long pipe runs which would increase lag and I didn't want to encroach on the boot space which other systems did. It took me a while to find skilled people to make this system, turned out they were ProAlloy in Haverhill (UK)..... right on my doorstep. If you fit it yourself with the parts from ProAlloy it should cost much less. Even so, it's going to cost! Fitted to a totally standard v8 (and gearbox) with normal boost & ECU it will protect your engine at all times but especially when you're booting it... Air intake temperatures stay much lower, less heat goes into your engine particularly around the piston crowns. It will protect against detonation (pinking). In the non-charge cooled v8 the ECU will retard the ignition (seriously taking away your power) take away your boost and inject lots of fuel to protect itself when intake temps get too high. With charge coolers you can run standard boost levels at maximum for longer because the ECU doesn't need to do anything to protect the engine. A standard v8 with charge coolers will have more power in all ambient air temperatures. The ECU monitors the air intake temp and applies the appropriate amount of fuel.... more fuel with this cooler denser charge means a bigger bang and more power. I do run higher boost for more power than standard, but I haven't needed to change the turbos possibly because I have charge coolers. The standard turbos with only the wastegate capsules (and ECU) changed to ones supplied by Marcus at PUK seem to be able to sustain 15psi without problem even in high ambient temperatures. I monitor the intake air temp and other levels via the OBD 2 and a Torque app. I use a Greddy ProFec boost controller.... handy for turning the boost down to almost nothing when it's p***ing with rain! ... or when you don't want to be driving down the road like a stabbed rat. Oh... and fit Nitrons they're great... when you are in stabbed rat mode... along with some decent brakes. Enough.
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