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  1. Elite S1. Not too difficult to detach the motor and squirrel cage from the air box but can’t get further. No room past the ac unit for extraction. The air box itself appears to be held by inaccessible screws. Can anyone share the secret of how much car has to be removed to free it before I take unnecessary items out?
  2. New to the forum and I have already found it very helpful. I am resurrecting #242 of the 74 Elite manufacturing. As it’s been in storage for 20 years the tank needs to be cleaned, examined and painted. The shop manual, as they usually are, is rather brief on instruction. To wit, remove the two bolts and withdraw the tank. However wrenching on the bolts loosens nothing. Whatever they are threaded into appears to be unsecured. Anybody ever solved this problem?
  3. Great stuff. A bigger project than you expected I suppose. I also have a 74 Elite and would like to convert to 134. Were you able to source a suitable compressor for replacement?
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