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  1. Thank you so much DaveyT! Could I ask you to take the picture of your chiassis number in order to make a comparison with my photo? I looked for the engine number right above the starter motor bracket, but it was completely smooth, with no code
  2. Hi Silverfrost red oxide paint was sprayed by the owner while he showed me the car to make the chassis number more easy to read. I also think that a chassis printed by the factory should not appear in those conditions. In my opinion it has been tampered with. I didn't find any other pictures on the internet related to the codes printed on the chassis Initially I thought that the machine was an S2 because in the VIN says that this car is a type 79. I am sure that the engine is not the original one because it was confirmed to me by the owner. The rear suspension is almost
  3. Today I went to see the car. As in previous posts, in the luggage compartment there is a label that also indicates the engine number and original paint. In addition, the official dealer Lotus Torino tell me the original engine number (which corresponded to the plate on the machine). The chassis seems galvanized (it has no rust) and seems to be just an S3. The frame number seems to be the same of the label but it is not clearly legible, I do not know if it is the norm Unfortunately I discovered that the engine (damaged) is not the original one. Indeed, the engine sold together wi
  4. The owner asks for a higher amount. The car has been stopped for many years with the engine removed. 7000 euro was my assessment trying to keep in mind all the restoration work. Thanks for your opinion.
  5. Thanks again guys. So, I can recognize the chassis for the from the driveshaft type and looking for the galvanization. Regarding to understand if the engine is the original one: I have read that in the S3 there should be a bar code label fixed to the bulkhead in the front luggage compartment that also shows the engine number. It's really like this? Do the S2 have a bar code label like that? I have another question for you: bearing in mind that the motor has to be rectified and rebuild, how much can a machine be worth in these conditions? 7000 euros? Thank you a lot Paolo
  6. Thank you so much guys! Now I just have to find the engine serial to be sure it's the factory one (the official Italian Lotus dealers can't help me).
  7. I read about the S4 with 2.0l engine instead 2.2l engine for tax restrictions (another Italian story..). In your opinion, should the chassis be an S3 (derived from the Turbo Esprit) but labeled as S2? Can I check any differences between an S2 chassis and an S3 chassis to be sure? I haven't bought the car yet, but the S3 body and the S2 labeled chassis frighten me. I tried to ask the seller if the car was modified, but the current owner is a relative of the previous owner (dead) and does not know any details about the life of the machine (another Italian story..) Thank you a lot Pa
  8. Thank you a lot for the answers. So is it really possible that Lotus built an 1982 Esprit S2 chassis? Why is an S2 chassis fitted with S3 body and interiors? Is it possible that the car was built with the S3 body from Lotus?
  9. I found an esprit S2 with VIN SCC079907CHH10404. I attach two pictures The doubts I have are: a) how is it possible that there are a 1982 Esprit S2? Didn't they start selling the Esprit S3 since 1981? b) is the chassis galvanized? c) the exterior of the machine seems to me to be an S3. How is it possible? Has a previous owner changed the exterior ? d) I can't understand if the interior are the same of a Esprit S2 or the same of a Esprit S3 e) I have called 3 official Lotus Italian dealers, but nobody knows how to tell me the original engine number. I no longer know can help me abou
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