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  1. Hi there Dave. We've got a Lotus club here in NC. Would be great to see another Stevens Esprit at our meets.

  2. Peter, I'm glad to hear there is another Esprit around! I'm in Raleigh and have a black '90. I haven't found another mechanic to work on it, but I have had it serviced several times at LoD, including the timing belt last summer. Mine's the 4 cylinder, but I'm surprised they can't figure it out on the V8. I know one of the 'expert' mechanics from Atlanta comes up periodically to help out at LoD, so you may be able to schedule something with the service manager (Ralph) whom I've found to be very accommodating. Have you found someone to do bodywork? I had a small brush with the tire-wall a
  3. Well, thanks for the advice from everyone. I just had the starter rebuild, dropped it in, and it started right up. One more Esprit back on the road! -Dave
  4. 1990 Esprit Turbo SE vin SCCFC20B5LHF65544 Dave Henshall in Raleigh, North Carolina USA
  5. No click from the solenoid, just an eerie silence. I am going to try whacking the solenoid like I whacked the starter last night, partly to see if it gets it working and partly just for fun. If no luck, I'll try Justin's suggestion of jumping the solenoid. I was gong to try this last night, but couldn't figure out what to jump the positive terminal of the solenoid to. Do I connect it just to the body of the starter or is there a negative electrode to connect to?
  6. Thanks for the advice. I tried tapping, then pounding the starter. Although it felt great to beat on it, it didn't get 'er humming. I checked the voltage without the lights, then with the lights on and saw only a 0.1v change. I tried starting it with the lights on and they continued to stay bright. I measured 12v from the positive electrode on the solenoid to ground on the chassis. I disconnected the small positive wire from the solenoid and measured 0v to ground with the key off, then 12v with the key in the start position. From this I'm concluding that I will spend a few hours thi
  7. My '90 Esprit usually drains the battery if I don't run it every two weeks or so, and I had the unfortunate circumstances of not being able to drive if for as long recently. I went to start it and the dashboard lit up as normal, but had nothing at the starter, not even a solenoid clicking. I tried jumping change. I tried changing the battery....still no change. Any likely suspects that anyone could suggest or should I just start tearing into the starter?
  8. Well, I did it. After buying my 1990 Esprit over a year ago, I finally went out to a track day with it to get my first experience on a track. All went great for 2 laps, then as I exited a sharp turn headed towards the back straightaway and punched the gas, the tail got loose on me sending me sliding towards the tire wall. Fortunately, there was no sharp impact, just some rubbing, but I did manage to ignite my airbag. The suggestion at the track was to replace the steering wheel with a Momo instead of replacing the airbag. So, my questions to the forum are; - it is OK to lose the origin
  9. I am looking to recharge my AC unit with R134a on my 1990 Esprit Turbo SE. The manual doesn't describe where the low pressure service port is located, and I can't seem to find it. Is it under the underside engine cover? The bolts on the cover seem to be rusted into place from the last 17 years, and I don't want to wrestle with taking it off unless I have to. Thanks! OK, I just looked at the compressor a little closer and I see two connectors with labels of "SUC" and "DIS". I assume this means suction and discharge, but I can't figure out which is the high pressure and which is the low pr
  10. Great help, thanks much. I got it done last Saturday. For anyone else attempting this, I did have a problem keeping the blind side of the hose clamp on, but after tearing up my knuckles a bit, I got it on and was able to tighten it. -Dave
  11. I purchased a 1990 Esprit SE a few months ago, and the anti-freeze is about 6 years old. I'd like to change it, but can't seem to find the stopcock on the radiator, much less get to the radiator. Do I need to take off all of the under-shrouding? Has anyone found a good way for doing this? I do have an intercooler, and it looks like I can just disconnect the hoses to these (one on each side) to drain them, correct? Thanks. -Dave
  12. I purchased a 1990 Esprit SE on e-bay a couple of months ago, and I'm trying to catch up on some of the maintenance. Its in very good condition, and I want to keep it that way. Can anyone recommend a good maintenance and repair manual? I've looked through Haynes and Chilton's offerings, but they don't seem to have Lotus's availabe. Thanks. -Dave
  13. Got it, thank you very much. That's a huge help, and a huge relief! I never would have found it. -Dave
  14. I just bought a 1990 Esprit SE, and can't figure out how to open the front bonnet. The manual says to "push the wire loop handle below the fascia", but I sure can't seem to find any wire handles. I feel pretty silly about this, but I'd feel more silly if I got stuck with a flat and couldn't get to the spare tire. Thanks. -Dave
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