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  1. Hello All, So, today was the D day... I went to see the car...well, i'm just a is so beautiful...i bough it...:) Finally, the gearbox problem was solved by tuning the selection mechanism, a good news ! I have not been able to accurately measure the axial play of the crank, but it is not very important, and invisible when the engine is running. I will measure it soon. The first thing i will do is to remove carbs and rebuild them, they need it. But what an engine ! a real pleasure to drive ! Thank you all of you for your help, it is really appre
  2. Yes, prices are really higher here, i haven't seen an esprit under 27k for a while, i can even say that i did not see an esprit giugiaro for sale since several months... I do not search a turbo, i prefer for far the n/a look Unfortunately, there is no Esprit specialist in France. Hard choice guys !
  3. Hi Tim, I agree, this can work...or just be a waste of money Thanks for the address, it seems a good one ! Pascal
  4. There is lot of pictures stamped 'Photobucket' that stay blurry, is there a reason for that ? Thanks !
  5. Thank you very much to all of you, this is really appreciated to have an active community around the Esprit ! The S3 is now very difficult to find here in France, in European version and with French title. I prefer for far to have a car in very good genuine cosmetic condition, with some mechanics to do on it, than a car fully repainted and rebuilt. However, the asked price is in the high range : 30000€. If it needs extra 10k to do engine/gearbox work, the final price is really high, even if I'm sure that the S3 price will increase in the next years. Here is a picture o
  6. Well, not a good news... The car was serviced by FVH in Belgium, so it is possible they did it, but not sure... Any way to check this during my visit ? Only visual control when engines is running ? If the play is important, does it lead to an oil leak ?
  7. Thank you very much Davey, Here is the engine serial : CD912820720391 Any way to know if this engine is concerned ? On chassis side, it should be galvanized, correct ?
  8. Any advise about specificexpansive things i need to check on the car before buying it ?
  9. Hello All, This is a specific post about a synchro problem on the esprit i think to buy this week. See for présentation The problem on the car is gear changing from 3rd to 2nd, it needs double clutching. It seems expansive to rebuild a gearbox in France, but it is possible to find some SM gearbox. How is the compatibility between the two gearboxes ? Is it fully compatible, is it a specific SM model of gearbox ? Also, could you confirm if it is the exact sames gearbox between LHD and RHD ? Thanks ! Pascal
  10. Thanks for your replys ! The belt has been changed in 2018 and I only have 300km to drive it at home. Do you change the belt every 2 years ?? I think having read it was every 4 years. The only real default of the car is the 2nd gear synchro. it is fine from 2nd to 3rd but not from 3rd to 2nd, but i will do a special post for this Pascal
  11. Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply. That's strange, i though that black logo was linked to Chapman death, and he died end 1982..? Pascal
  12. Hello Esprit enthusiasts, My name is Pascal. I live in France, and i'm about to by an Esprit S3 atmo, this sunday. It is a LHD, registered in France. The car seems clean and title correct, but there is something i'd like to confirm : The sticker on the car is Esprit S3 The first date of registration is 22/06/1984 The serial number is SCC085912CHD10467 It has lotus logo with black background The 'C' in the serial number indicates a 82 model, and the black Lotus logo a 1983 production, correct ? So this would mean that this car has been build i
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