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  1. Quick update - appears that the firmware checks temperature before booting and if too low doesn’t boot. I have received a new firmware version which fixes the issue. Great help from Dave to get the new firmware v02.34.37 which has sorted the problem.
  2. Those who have the MX2E and your car is stored for winter might want to check it works ok still before spring. I was ready to do a clear cold winter day drive last week and started the car but the dash was dead. I’ve found that once it’s heated up to normal room temperature it worked again when back in the car. It’s then ok for a couple of hours until it cools down and then it stops powering up until heated up again.
  3. Guys Looking for some advice for occasional track use In UK is it worth ditching the standard air charge cooler and replacing with a water based one or is some heat shielding on the air feeds into the standard charge cooler the way to go. Has anyone measured the incoming air temp with either of these in place to see if it’s making much of a difference ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Just got mine- back in Lotus ownership after a number of years out. Now all I need is some weather to get out. Photos a big rubbish I was skirting the rain.
  5. Hi guys can anyone clarify does the 2-11 have an alarm and immobiliser or neither ?
  6. Thanks yes I saw that the MOT seems to have an almost 6 year gap so wonder if has been in storage ?
  7. Hi all Can anyone fill in any history on 61 currently for sale at JCT600 thanks in advance.
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