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  1. Why don't you try and remove the manifolds insitu and tell us if it can be done,at the end of the day you could have done it by now even if it is not possible.
  2. here's an idea check your tyre pressures before you go out in the car
  3. Good man saved your self time and effort
  4. Just buy the K&N kit,If you read how they work you will understand.
  5. Give the fuel pump a knock with a screwdriver handle if it starts to Plink wait untill it stops and try again and start it
  6. All very impressive but its the wrong bore size anyone can make thease up in threr bedrooms but it's not the right to the S&J he uses odd fitting and the wrong size pipe oh well someone recomend it and all will follow
  7. The clucth release bearing has gone through the pressure plate fingers if theres something wrong why did you press with all your mite all you've done is bust something else proberly the slave cylinder /pipe
  8. not being funny but if you are building an engine should you not check the parts first not just assume that whats supplied is correct checking ring gaps is the first thing you do then piston to liner gap I may be wrong. it's like not checking the big ends and finding one was ground 10 thou down and the engine rattles on start up.
  9. Esprit Engineering looking at getting new lower springs made for esprit's I'm down for the first set when they are in
  10. What happened is it something we need to know about
  11. 51 cars how many were the europas it's a disgrace,it's a bit like saying a solvent bank just has liquidity problums all most bust more like
  12. did you get your parts in the end"whats happened to ler"
  13. Looking at the engine where was it stripped in a skip shawley it was not running like that
  14. I think poor troy underestimated the complexerty of repairing lotus cars, Parts supply dire every other part going obselete or on back order, Cars going wrong in the workshop with new problums unrelated with the orignal work quoted for and then there are the home mod's to contend with bought about by arm chair experts at home in there spare bedrooms with no idea what,s going on in there engine bays at 30 mph let alone 100mph all adding time to an allready over running job and finally the punters how many times have we rung one of the spealists up and the first line to be " can i pick your brai
  15. Hi, forget +35% what you are looking for is figures what the original is to what is claimed as uprated find out what the clamping force the pressure plate produces and then you have the answer.
  16. Send geoff @esprit engineering they have made these before. good quality stuff
  17. you need to find a proper air-con engineer a garage with a new machine and an hours training is fine for a ford but useless on an need to know what the gauges are reading when the system running to diagnose the problum.Good luck
  18. Give geoff at Esprit Engineering a call.Saw two threr the other day 01725 514449
  19. so why did you not fot a new cable in the first place ( a lotus one ) cost cutting gives our cars a bad name for relibilty and can be a real pain doing the same job twice
  20. How's this for inflation Pulled in to a petrol station in the south of england 116.9 filled car up,walking back to the car noticed the the price had changed to 117.9 in the space of filling the car and getting to the pay desk and they say inflation only 3%
  21. Got mine from Esprit Engineering they fit and are the right ones they send it to you
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