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  1. Hi Brett, His name was Mark Carter, 07974442949, ebay name twincams3, if you don't have any luck I'm sure I can find his email address, I remember asking Mark about the spoiler before I bought LIL as I was concerned that she was being used for track racing but he assured me that she hadn't, (I bought her blind from eBay) I'm sure Mark put the spoiler on and my first job was to take it off, she looks fantastic now well done,👌 just a quick question if you don't mind, I want to get my S3 resprayed at some point but don't want to spend the 10k that people say it costs as I don't really want a garage queen, I'm just wanting a tidy usable classic, was LIL anywhere near the 10k for respray, it looks a very good job ? please keep me updated with LIL's history as I would love to know more. Regards Vince
  2. Hi Brett, just found some details of the guy I bought LIL from back in 2014, let me know if you want details, I have mobile number and his eBay name.? Vince
  3. Hi Dan Brilliant, many thanks for taking the time to reply, So I dont need to remove the cowling to get the rad out! I will have a go and start looking for replacement rad and fans. Vince
  4. Any help advice on Radiator Removal s3 (non turbo) with twin fans would be gratefully received diagrammed if possible please? I understand that the surround has to be removed with fans and radiator attached but just wondering if there are any hidden bolts etc. Thanks all Vince
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