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  1. I agree in that the Sport 350 and the 2002 front lip is the best looking splitter for the Esprit. Where can these be sourced for fitment to a pre 2002 V8 car? How much are they (please don't tell me that they are only available at a silly price e.g.
  2. Thanks for the info. I actually do not want the split rim style but want the spokes to be attached to the outer rim like the Superleggera or Scuderia wheels. I also do not want the rivets but prefer a simple look. I didnt know the factory still sells Sport 350 wheels. Is this definitely the case. It might be the easiest option. However I wouldnt mind trying to source wheels that are identical to the superleggera or scuderia ones. Even the basic OZ ultralegerra wheels would do except they do not come in 10inch widths for the rears. I also doubt their offsets work for the Esprit either. Anyone know where I can buy non split rim multi spokes that would fit the Esprit?
  3. Thanks for the replies. I still am unable to find the offsets needed for the Esprit at LEW. OK so I know that if I go 19 inches at the rear they should be around 10 inches wide and for the fronts 18x8 inches. Anyone know the ET no. i.e the offset required? Whilst my fave Esprit wheels are the sport 350 wheels, I would settle for the OZ novas as fitted on the 2002+ cars. However, ideally I would like to have some thin multispokes as fitted on the Gallardo Superleggera or those as fitted on the 430 Scuderia. I would also want the wheels in a grey/anthracite colour and not silver nor too dark. What are the chances of sourcing such wheels or similar wheels?
  4. Hi All, I am looking at buying a V8 Esprit and unless I am unable to find a 2002+ model I will be looking to swap the alloy wheels as soon as possible. In my opinion the alloy wheels of Esprit's do not do the cars appearance justice. The question I have is what sizes and offsets etc do the V8 wheels come in. Will finding after market wheels be difficult to source due to the offsets etc. Are there any hubcentric adaptors available if this is the case. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Had a test drive in a nice 2002 V8 Esprit the other day but found it to be very jerky. When putting my foot down, the car would pull but when changing up a gear, the car would sharply slow down (like engine braking) during pressing the clutch before pulling again upon hard acceleration resulting in a sort of stop and start jerky movement. Is this normal for the car or is it a sign of something wrong with a car. Was told it was due to a light flywheel. Am not very technical so would not know if the guy is correct. Is this simply a characteristic of the V8 and something you just have to get used to?
  6. Lovely car Dave. If you decide to sell then PM me the asking price. This will show what you deem the resale price of the add ons you have included versus what an ordinary V Reg Esprit will go for. Either way, lovely pics
  7. That would be an ideal car but I am not a mug.
  8. Well 4 months on and I have still yet to view any Esprits because there arent any for sale. At this rate I'll probably end up buying another car. How many yr2000+ V8 Esprits are there in this country that arent yellow, red or green? I visit Pistonheads and the classifieds on this forum regularly but there are none of the newer Esprits to be seen. Am almost ready to give up.
  9. I have been in the market for a year 2000+ Esprit V8 for a few months now and have yet to find any that are appropiately priced and in one of my desired colours. I am looking to pay around
  10. Hi all, I am looking to get an Esprit and have decided to go for a 2002+ version (i.e. the model with the new rear lights etc.). I know they are going for just under
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