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  1. Okay thanks guys that's really helpful. The videos are good and you get some feedback about the performance of the tyres in different conditions. Michelin PS4 or S it is then.
  2. Okay thanks. I dont want to replace the Cups to find that they are avarage for everyday driving. The other day just after it rained the car washed out under 10% throttle coming off a roundabout onto a narrow A road opening. As the front end has no weight over it you are completely reliant on the pattern on the road.
  3. I see mixed reviews on these by people, are they any good on cool damp roads?
  4. With the ever changing weather conditions the Cup 2s on my new Evora GT410 sport just dont work on normal roads. The tyres just cant get enough heat into them! Does anybody have some suggestions on the alternatives for daily road use? Would the Dunlop Sportmaxx RT 2 be suitable for the car? Thanks
  5. What's peoples opinion on the benefits of the Exige 410 over the Sport 380. Has anybody had both cars? What are your thoughts Is it alot faster on road and track? Does it drive comprehensively better than the 380 on the road day to day. Is it worth 10-15K more than the 380 as a weekend/fun car?
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