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  1. Thanks Michael! CA exemptions generally apply to cars older than 1975. And it seems that some older cars need to go through visual inspection to make sure they have emission control systems. The car had been sitting in Nevada and originally came from Arizona and I think Virgina somewhere. I rescued it recently trying get it back on the road. That means the car was never been smog tested in California. Yes, I should go post it in the introduction!
  2. I'm looking for an air injection system for my 84 Esprit Turbo. I'm specifically looking for the one that goes to the exhaust ports, not the one towards the exhaust pipe. I need air injector, one way valve, and the rail with 8 pipes sticking out. I suspect that many of you removed this system, but I'm hoping that you still have them somewhere in your garage. I need to put them back into my car because I live in the United States of California. Thanks, Aki
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