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  1. Quick update - due to super bikes at Silverstone first meet is now Crossroads at Weedon and a route to Gilks Cafe
  2. Looking to have a run to Gilks cafe on the 12th September meet up at Silverstone and have a scenic drive - join on route if easier - route to follow
  3. Planning a run from Silverstone museum carpark to Gilks cafe and back route to follow
  4. Well now things are getting back to somewhere near normal - looking to meet at Silverstone Museum around 09.30 to catch up and then have a leisurely drive around some attractive B roads and villages - all Lotus cars and any Lotus enthusiast’s welcome
  5. Also heard 550 to be built in year 1 but due to interest this may increase as I heard once if you have 10 customers only build nine products
  6. I was told all dealer deposits will be honoured the factory already have a list
  7. Ours is a Daily- if they are really limited May have to have a rethink and use at weekends too !!!! Some pics with a 1997 car looking good
  8. Live the car cover the ours is almost a daily so sits outside on drive but yellow cars get filthy quick
  9. No not keen TBH as hate cleaning cars
  10. Looks great- booked 1k service when we picked up - to get it out of way as quickly as possible
  11. We are going to Nottingham on 17th for showroom opening and a free lunch - time slot is 1500 till 1700 will take hopefully see a few people
  12. set this up a few days ago if anyone interested
  13. Love the car - all extras and painting of other bits look great ours is a stock car from Silverstone- another dealer I would recommend fully - ours is solid yellow - very bright
  14. But have twice the power - I must admit the S1 at times needed worked very hard - but that was also part of the fun trying to carry as much speed as possible through corners, the 240 feels very grown up - but still retains the Elise DNA strongly - even the visible glue lines
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