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  1. Quick update - due to super bikes at Silverstone first meet is now Crossroads at Weedon and a route to Gilks Cafe
  2. Looking to have a run to Gilks cafe on the 12th September meet up at Silverstone and have a scenic drive - join on route if easier - route to follow
  3. Planning a run from Silverstone museum carpark to Gilks cafe and back route to follow
  4. Well now things are getting back to somewhere near normal - looking to meet at Silverstone Museum around 09.30 to catch up and then have a leisurely drive around some attractive B roads and villages - all Lotus cars and any Lotus enthusiast’s welcome
  5. Also heard 550 to be built in year 1 but due to interest this may increase as I heard once if you have 10 customers only build nine products
  6. I was told all dealer deposits will be honoured the factory already have a list
  7. Ours is a Daily- if they are really limited May have to have a rethink and use at weekends too !!!! Some pics with a 1997 car looking good
  8. Live the car cover the ours is almost a daily so sits outside on drive but yellow cars get filthy quick
  9. No not keen TBH as hate cleaning cars
  10. Looks great- booked 1k service when we picked up - to get it out of way as quickly as possible
  11. We are going to Nottingham on 17th for showroom opening and a free lunch - time slot is 1500 till 1700 will take hopefully see a few people
  12. set this up a few days ago if anyone interested
  13. Love the car - all extras and painting of other bits look great ours is a stock car from Silverstone- another dealer I would recommend fully - ours is solid yellow - very bright
  14. But have twice the power - I must admit the S1 at times needed worked very hard - but that was also part of the fun trying to carry as much speed as possible through corners, the 240 feels very grown up - but still retains the Elise DNA strongly - even the visible glue lines
  15. No idea of difference with leather or carbon fibre but after many years of S1 ownership the FE is easy to slide into - the aim dash is simple and effective- no idea of lights on change yet as need to do 1000 miles before can stretch its legs - but so far all good very happy
  16. Yes not really a concern as other than having a habit of glancing at temp gauge - S1 ownership and Elan S2 wedge habit - I don’t often look at dash so it’s nice to have digital but I always like the stack dials if I am honest
  17. No idea have an aim dash going in Ultima so confused but surely you cannot have maps etc on dash
  18. Had a lot of Elise’s S1, S2 and a 220 but just feel the final editions have 25 years of development and lots of nice bits too - have seen the carthrough a tiny window - how sad are we - pick up next Saturday
  19. Have purchased yellow car from Silverstone very happy with spec
  20. I don’t think so it’s a well supported off the shelf unit I believe with lotus software
  21. Final editions look to be selling well, and a fair few bits and pieces added - digital dash etc and a lift in power so not just a few decals - well done Lotus
  22. Looks like club lotus and lotus drivers club are celebrating 25 years of Elise at Silverstone and lotus owners club for discount tickets etc
  23. Congratulations from lotus Silverstone and Stelvio in a long weekend is not to bad a dash in five days but would rather see a bit more , and many of the other passes are bette drives
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