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  1. Not sure if it is of interest, but I am thinking of selling my 2019 Exige 350 with Komotec 460 conversion. The car is immaculate and has done only 2k miles, has forged lightweight wheels, Cup 2's, gearbox cooler, long range tank, JRZ adjustable suspension?
  2. Certainly brightens up the neighborhood!
  3. Might be worth considering fitting a larger tank, I had one fitted to mine and it is much more convenient.
  4. Coming back to the original post, my advice would be to buy a late low mileage 350 in the spec you want if it is performance/ bucks value you're after.
  5. I would not risk it personally. Another one will come along.
  6. You did not mention whether you are using the legal sized letters on a cut-off plate, or a smaller three quarter sized, scaled down plate. I did find the original fixings still work with a three quarter scale plate.
  7. I have a set off my brand new 350 less than 1000 miles if you need some..
  8. Good driving! Does your car have a gearbox oil cooler?
  9. I've had my 350 for six months and cannot for the life of me work out how to use the radio. Has anyone else managed it?
  10. Thanks all for the replies. Have now fitted Cup 2 tyres on 430 forged wheels, and am fitting JRZ shocks from Hangar 111. Will report after first trackday (Whenever that will be!) On the road I can already feel an improvement from the forged wheels and Cup 2 tyres (Whilst delivering a hot meal to mother in law at good speed).
  11. Thanks for that George, I phoned Sam and he is sorting some out. Cheers!
  12. If anyone has a set of 17x 7.5 or 8 and 18x 10 forged wheels am looking for a set. Thanks!
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