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  1. Will do, seen your conversion which looks excellent, well done.
  2. Looking through the history on the back of your post, yes Snows completed a chunk of servicing work and more besides for the new owner - sounds like a thorough going over for the then new owner at the time.
  3. Thanks all for the warm welcome, and relieved to see that some of you know the car and it’s a goodun - it certainly shows all the signs of having been well looked after and drives very well. Yes chillidoggy it must be the same car, the previous owner was in South Wales and sold it to Stocks who sold it to me after a C service and some aircon work (a new compressor).
  4. Hi, owned an Excel SE many years ago (great car), then headed off into German and Italian ownership (still have those I must confess) but always kept an eye on the ‘classic’ Lotuses. Bought an Esprit S4s recently and crickey what a car! Very fast and wonderful handling, obviously. Took the car out today and was struck by how usable it is - fired up straight away after too many weeks of inactivity (have a battery conditioner on from previous, other cars, bitter experience..), heater great, visibility fine, relaxing and confidence inspiring drive, then get the engine temp up to release full boost and...we’ll I’ll just say it rather goes! Mine’s really well maintained with a huge set of invoices for every service and other bits and pieces in between. Bought the car from Mark at Stocks which was an easy transaction, would recommend them. Since then just gone through it completing the little details: couple of spanner’s and pliers missing (found those on eBay and NOS in California of all places), couple of bits of trim had aged, all ‘odds and sods’ but I imagine common areas of wear and tear and having them ‘right’ makes all the difference in my eyes. Turns out there were only two supplied in Black RHD and only mine with cream leather (the other was black with black). So, it’s nice to be back in Lotus ownership, and the S4s is one hell of a car. Not sure how it’s brilliance has passed me by the last couple of decades! I suspect that will change for all Esprits, and other models in general, once the Geely plans move forward some more and people revisit the ‘back catalogue’ to see where it all started. For me Esprits are aging so well and the S4s, well it really is a match for its rivals of the day and given they are pretty special cars in themselves that’s high praise indeed. Enjoy your holiday blasts! Paul
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