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  1. Useful information, thanks for posting 👍
  2. Interesting, my experience is the same as V8. A small quality powder coating shop will produce far better results than OE finish from 30plus years ago as materials have changed and they are not working to fine budget constraints. Additionally, if you do get a chip on a powder coating finish then a local refinish at a later date with a different product is simple and effective, no need to remove the whole lot and start again. I did find a partial flaking of powder coating on an Elan chassis that had been powder coated in the past but that was a simple job of local repair to remove the loose pai
  3. Have you had problems with powder coating then? Works for me if done well, after all, it is only paint that is baked on, my powder coater always applies a zinc base coat for chassis components and I've never had an issue. Not as good as hot galvanising for long term protection but then not many of these cars will be subjected to severe weather conditions.
  4. Haha, sorry Djs I did think that but then we all need a bit of inspiration from time to time. Good to see them both coming along, maybe get them together when they are finished although I suspect budget limitations may slow my progress. Keep up the work
  5. That's number 82 back from the paintshop today, looks achingly good when it's that shiny.
  6. Thanks Djs, look forward to seeing what they do for you. Do you have the JPS gear knob? Would be good to get some basic dimensions if possible, diameter of the top, diameter of the base, diameter of the emblem, height as I'm having to recreate my own as somebody had borrowed mine in the past, probably whilst it was stored. Thanks
  7. Classicar Automotive. Easily found on Google for phone and address. Lots of positive independent feedback on the Google search too. Regards
  8. I would not write off plating as a protection, as with paint there are good paint finishes and some not so good. I use a local plater for all non standard bolts and brackets and a local powder coater for other parts such as suspension and brackets that were originally painted. The powder coating work is very good and long lasting,the plating is ok but the finish on these brakes is in a different league to my local plater. As Fridge says, the old Cadmium plating was pretty good stuff as long as you weren't a plater, nowadays we rely on zinc with a straw coloured passivation. I actually called
  9. That is a thing of real beauty, you could just sit and look at that all day
  10. Yes, original calipers, really pleased with the refurb work, they were pretty sh**** when I took them and now look as good as new (probably better)
  11. Thanks John, that looks nice trim work, I'll give them a call.
  12. I'm restoring Esprit JPS No82, Getting to the point where I will be needing some trim work doing and therefore looking for recommendations. I intend cleaning and refitting the seats and door cards plus fitting a complete new carpet set from SJ so I will only need the dash and steering wheel doing as per the attached photos. Can't beat a recommendation based on personal experience. Thanks
  13. Looking very pretty under there. Not many cars around as good as that underneath
  14. Refurbished brakes ready for installation. Looking better than new.
  15. Well said JonSE, it is great that people are able to produce work like this and that us mere mortals are then free to appreciate it. I could stand and admire work of that quality for hours.
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