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  1. Had a recommendation for PJW Engineering at Raglan have done engine work for other classic car owners in the area
  2. The engine in my Excel has developed a bottom end knock while on the rolling road. The engine was rebuilt by the previous owner and had been run in the garage and up and down the lane. It was fine when we first had it the garage and had driven it about 35 miles before going to the rolling road. It was gentle driving as he carbs needing setting up. It was apparently running ok during the static tuning but developed a knock on the second power run. Apparently the crank was checked before the rebuild and passed as OK and standard bearings used (I have the receipts). Fuel pressure is ok. I am assuming this is now an engine out , strip and probably a crank grind or could it be something else. The guys at the rolling road are very experienced and seem pretty certain. Also I am located near Newport South Wales so any recommendations for this work would be wlecome.
  3. I bought the excel - it now has speedlines fitted. Picking it up later
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