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  1. Looks like they’ve sold it - the 380 sport mentioned above. Would be interesting to know for how much.
  2. I went to see to see the black one at Romans back in late Feb. Amazing spec with gold accents and harnesses - probably they’re right in saying it’s the highest spec in the market right now, though £65k is still too much in my opinion for a 10k car. Also they were pretty firm on the ask at the time, probably they could be more willing to negotiate now given the situation.. lastly they valued my 220 Cup really little so no deal for me.
  3. Hello guys & gals, Excited to join the forum! I’ve collected my first Elise 220 CUP earlier this summer from Williams Automobile. I come from a Mini Cooper S and no need to say it’s a completely different ball game. I’m Italian so back in August I drove it down to Italy through the alps and French countryside, what an incredible machine in the twisty bits. As much as I love it though, I’m already considering upgrading to an Exige 380 to get a bit more power. Some shots attached I’m London based so happy to join any convoy in the area during the weekends! Take care, Gian
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