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  1. I had no idea they existed until I stumbled upon them a week or so ago. I would have loved one if I had known, but none are IPS it seems. Still, that green one is gorgeous to my eyes, I have always loved the GTE widebody shape.
  2. Name: Lotus Evora Click to view: Lotus Evora
  3. But what would having a place to rest your elbows on long journeys, nicer buttons to press and indicator stalks that didn't feel like they were made out of 50p plastic do to take away from the purity of the experience? In my view, that comes from the engine, brakes, chassis balance, throttle response and so on, wouldn't you say? I don't have the car as my daily, but I have done 5,000 miles in it since August and yes, I like to drive it on long boring trips as well as on more exciting roads. I believe Lotus have positioned the car as a GT with a relatively quiet cabin, good luggage space without the rear seats, extra sound insulation as an option, touring suspension as an option and so on. I look at it in this context, as a £100,000 sporting GT and I do expect better materials and a more well thought out cabin. I don't believe that should or would impact the excellent driving experience at all, and for that much money I expect it to be in addition to that. You appear to have a bee in your bonnet about Porsche, but at the end of the day if Lotus want to increase their sales volume any decent amount they will end up having to tempt some of these 'hairdressers and accountants' out of their Porsches and into a Lotus. I do not believe they will be able to do that with the current layout, materials and construction of the cabin. We each have our own opinions and I actually agree that many people that have looked around and sat in the Evora do not immediately think it's horrible, because it isn't horrible. It's okay. But, in my view, it's not what you'd expect for a one hundred thousand pound car.
  4. I think the interior of the Evora GT410 is somewhat ill thought out (considering I believe it's pitched as a sort of sporting GT) and definitely not good enough for the money. The buttons don't have a satisfactory feel, the indicator stalks are crap, I don't think the analog speedomoeter is very legible, there's no door bins, the cupholder is in a rubbish position, there's no climate control, there's nowhere to rest your elbows when you're cruising along on a motorway. The head unit is fine, I use Android Auto on it so it doesn't bother me much. Hate the volume buttons though, would much prefer a knob. Now, I'm sure a fair few people dismissed that as not relevant to Lotus owners, and you might be right for yourself and some others. But to expand, Lotus must attract new customers right? And these people will not be impressed at all if they've just come from a Porsche dealership sitting in the latest 911 T. It can be a six figure car, it's not unreasonable to expect an interior that's in the same league as other six figure cars. The driving experince, looks and sound are absolutely amazing and absolutley worth the price. But as it is, I see the GT410 as a car you only buy if you really really love Lotus and are priortising the driving experience over everything else. For that, it's incredible.
  5. I think I can imagine the Hyundai being the winner, particularly if it's an automotive journalist(s) judging them. I think performance cars can get tiring if you drive them all the time, and the freshness of a car that's fun and exciting to drive but also one that you're able to (somewhat) sensibly exploit is easily enough to make it stand out. I largely agree with the Evora comments too. Driving experience? Phenomenal. Mechanical construction? Brilliant. Cabin construction, materials, feel and construction? Not up to what you might expect in a one hundred thousand pound car, which they can easily be, mine was.
  6. Bibs, that doesn't look fun at all! I'm definitely looking forward to getting it back from the body shop and getting it on some proper low temp tyres. Got a whole winter of noisy V6 goodness ahead of me!
  7. I drive past these cars every day, one is usually parked on the road at Ham Common, and I wondered if the owner is on here? They're really lovely specs, both dark blue with silver wheels. Looks like the Evora is either an S or an NA, and the Elise is an S1. Seeing the Evora every day played no small part in me getting my own!
  8. Thanks so much for the kind words everyone! I'm really enjoying the owndership experience so far, and I love how many people have positive memories/experiences of Lotus in the past, normally though a father, uncle or grandfather owning one. It's really nice to be driving a British car from a maker that has proper heritage and history! It's been a bit of a slow month, I've only managed to out another 500 or so miles on it to tip it over 5,000 in about 80 days of ownership. Not bad going, but I could be doing a lot better! I'm really enjoying it, although the more the engine has freed up the less desire for more power I have. It's a much smoother car now than it was at 1,500-2,500 miles, I really cannot understand those that only ever drive their cars a couple of thousand miles and then sell it! They don't get the full experience at all. It's certainly going to get winter tyres fitted though, the Cup 2s have become something verging on unpleasnant the colder it's got. In the low teens it was just some slidey fun, in single digits the lack of grip is at the point where any sort of speed feels quite unsafe. It had a recent visit to C&M to see Phil and Laura after their #romeinalotus Exige trip. It was a story I knew nothing about and I highly recommend searching the hashtag on Instagram and checking out the story, it's really cool. I might have to do it myself some time! I love what they're doing up at C&M and I highly recommend a visit if you haven't already been. Anyway! Some pics. Fingers crossed the next ones I post will have winter tyres, filthy salt spray on the sills and another few thousand miles. Lotus GT410 at Caffeine and Machine by Alex D, on Flickr Lotus GT410 Rear by Alex D, on Flickr Lotus GT410 Looking Over Goodwood by Alex D, on Flickr
  9. Thanks guys! Much appreciated. I think I'm going to go Alpin 4, The Wintercontacts look like the 'better' tyre but they don't come in the recommended winter sizes for the 19/20" wheels and I'm a sucker for doing things by the book. Looks like it'll be about £1,000 roughly for a set of them fitted, which isn't too bad. Hopefullt I'll get 2-3 winters out of them
  10. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a replacement for the Cup 2s on the GT410 coming into winter, and I'm torn between the PS4Ses and some more winter bias tyres like Alpins. How do you guys find the PS4S in the winter? Intend on driving the car in some pretty crappy conditions, and so I'm wondering if a winter sport tyre might allow me to explore more of the cars capabilities throughout the grotty UK winter. Thanks!
  11. Most likely a bit more. I got the car less VAT as I get that on one car every three years if I fit hand controls. The maths works (for me), I won't lose any more or less from financing it, it just means less outlay at zero risk, as there's almost no way it'll be worth less than £40k after two years. I reckon after two years I'll get something £58k for it if I give it back to B&C, I aim for it to have nearly 20k miles. The cost in depreciation will be probably something like £1k per month at worst case. If I had say leased a 911 GTS over the same two year period, it would cost me something like £2.5k per month.
  12. Eh, maybe it would have been more accurate to say that I'm 'in' for less than half list. I'm fully aware that it's not for everyone, but the 50/50 0% finance offer is a no-brainer for me. I don't intend on keeping the car long term (well, I might, but that's not the plan), it's a way of owning a lot of car for not much money and it doesn't cost me anything. Happy days.
  13. Oh gosh no, that's a mistake by them. I believe my best run was 163.43mph, which is pretty slow, but it's also not what this car's about. Between 50 and 100 it's just fab, which is the most relevant range I think for road and tight track driving. Thanks guys, I'll get some interior photos up. I met you Pits?! Woha. Well, I sure am enjoying the car, you got that right.
  14. Hi everyone! I saw on Instagram that some TLF guys headed to Caffeine and Machine, I was disappointed that I didn't know about it and indeed, didn't know about the forum! I'm here to rectify that and get involved Right! So, the story starts about six months ago with a really speculative visit to Bell & Colvill and a quick chat to Jamie. I have a feeling that I'm not the only one on this forum with a story that starts like that! I had a little bit of money and was considering maybe something second hand, but I really wasn't looking to buy. Honest. Of course, after a while chatting, Jamie introduced me to the 50/50 0% finance offer that Lotus (some? all?) dealers are offering. This, in conjunction with the 20% discount I get from not paying VAT (I get this on one car every three years) made a new Evora very very attainable. I've never been able to make up my mind if I ever wanted to buy a new car or not, on the one hand it's undeniable 'bad value', but on the other, you end up with a car that's exactly as you want it to be. In the end, the combination of it being 'my' car and at a very reasonable price was too much of a temptation and an order was placed late April, for an expected delivery date in August. Four (ish) months later, it was back to B & C for a very, very good day indeed 1 hapy boi by Alex D, on Flickr Evora Side at B and C by Alex D, on Flickr Jamie was amazing when it came to organising everything and throughout the whole process, so a huge shout out to him. The hand controls were sorted before pickup allowing me to see it and drive it away the same day, which isn't necessarily a given. The full, just into six figures spec is as follows: Evora GT410 Auto Gearbox Touring Suspension Sparco Seats Rear Seat Delete Tan Leather Upgrade Alcantara Steering Wheel Mud Flaps Air Conditioning Premium Infotainment Cruise Control Sound Insulation Centre Console Cup Holder Lower Side Sills Colour Change Dark Racing Green Paint Forged Wheel Colour Finish (Bronze, not done through Lotus) It's worth noting at this point that I have never driven or been in a Lotus before this, and due to needing hand controls I wasn't able to test drive this before buying. I just took it on faith and reviews that it was a good product and well, I haven't been even slightly disappointed. Okay, so Now I've had the car for about 6 weeks and 4,300 miles, some thoughts on it. Let’s get something out there in the open, I don't think this is a six-figure car. I ended up paying a fair bit less than half of the list price, and at that price point it's a bargain. but six figures? No way. Anyway! That doesn't mean I don't love my car, as I very much do. The good bits of the interior are the luggage space, the seats and the general layout. It's straightforward and everything is reachable by the driver. The much-maligned infotainment is decent, Android Auto means I have Waze and Spotify there, what more could I want? Speakers are fine too, they can be heard clearly without having to turn the volume up too much at motorway speeds. Climate control would be really nice, but I accept that most likely it's either too heavy or too expensive to implement. Seats are really nice, they seem to support me well and in the right places, I managed a 7 hour slog up to Edinburgh with no achy bits. They look cool too. Wheel is nice and dash is reasonable, although the digital speedometer is a godsend, the analogue one is not very clear I find. The tyre pressure monitoring is nice to have. Downsides of the interior are the cheap switchgear and the fact it feels a little conflicted as a car. So, it seems to be pitching itself as almost a GT when you've specced the sound insulation, touring suspension and rear seat delete. It's comfy, quiet and actually has loads of luggage space. Problem is, when you're touring, you do tend to accumulate crap in the cabin and there's nowhere to put it really. The cupholder is in a really bad position, there are no door bins and there's nowhere to put either elbow for both the driver and passenger. This is all utterly irrelevant when you're out on a Sunday drive, but all of a sudden becomes very relevant indeed when you're doing a 300-400 mile trip on motorways to get to more interesting roads. For the money, this irritates me and I think I'll work on sorting it out myself. Really though, this car is about the driving. After 500 miles of taking it easy (I swear!) and then another few hundred of not taking the piss, the running in service was completed and I was free to go nuts. Wow. Just wow. Actually, before the running in service I was blown away. When travelling from B & C back to the A3, the nav takes you down a really horrible, lumpy and bumpy NSL road. The Fiesta I have is awful down this road, the C63 Wagon is better but still iffy. The Lotus ate it. I couldn't believe that after all the hype and after everything that has been written about Lotus suspension, in my eyes it still doesn't come close to describing the reality. The car just floats down tough roads, it isn't quite delicate per say, as you need a strong grip on the wheel at times, but wow... It's brilliant. The automatic gearbox is very far from the worst out there, and when in race mode and driving aggressively it does a really good job at keeping the engine in the powerband. The acceleration through gears 1, 2 and 3 is fantastic, certainly for a road car it's hard to see why it would need to be much faster. The Cup 2s are brilliant in the dry and the whole car is whispering, talking or even shouting at you about what's going on beneath the wheels. The exhaust not is really good, although possibly it verges on antisocially loud. Something quieter is on the horizon. Cruising is easy and relaxing, at 70mph it's really civil inside. I can't claim that it's actually quiet, but it's certainly not loud. The steering is utterly fantastic, you get so much feedback about how much grip there is and what the front tyres are doing. The chassis overall is really neutral and easily caught if you do take the piss and get a little out of shape. All in all, I really struggle to see how any driving experience gets better. The car overall might be a little overpriced, but the driving experience certainly isn't. Is it perfect? No, of course not. In addition to the interior gripes, I'm thinking it could be a little faster. Does it need to be? No, absolutely not. Do I think the chassis could take an extra 100bhp? Yes, easily. Another small gripe is the exposed carbon. At the time when I discovered that you couldn't get the rear deck painted, I thought it best to go with a carbon roof and bonnet service panel, and black vanity panel behind the roof. I'm not a huge fan of exposed carbon but I thought I'd see how it went. I'm still not a fan actually, and I'm going to look into getting the carbon parts wrapped body colour, as a low-cost way of testing out if I like it or not. Other than that, the plan is to just drive it a lot. it'll be driven through the winter and I'm considering putting winter bias tyres on it like Michelin Pilot Alpin's. Now I think I've done all the chatting, have some photos! Lotus Evora NC500 by Alex D, on Flickr Evora Scotland 2019 by Alex D, on Flickr Vmax200 September by Alex D, on Flickr Vmax200 September by Alex D, on Flickr Vmax200 September by Alex D, on Flickr Vmax200 September by Alex D, on Flickr Evora Scotland 2019 by Alex D, on Flickr Evora Scotland 2019 by Alex D, on Flickr Now, for the eagle eyed amongst you, you may have spotted a little bit of a bent diffuser. Yep. I picked the car up on a Friday, and on that Saturday I was on my way into Kensington to meet a mate for lunch. When I was sitting at traffic lights in Twickenham, a young lad on a moped ran into the back of me. I was really quite angry, but credit to the lad he didn't leg it, he was properly insured, unhurt and called his insurance co right away to admit fault. It still hasn't been repaired partly because of commitments I had and partly becuase Lotus is a little slow when it comes to sending large parts like a full rear bumper out to the bodyshop. It'll be back to good as new in no time! Anyway, that's my car, and I look forward to meeting some of you in the near future!
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