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  1. Been a while, time for some updates! I've had the car almost exactly ten months and 12,504 miles as of last night. Lets just say I took the advice that we were able to drive as far as we wanted to heart, and have been out around Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire a lot. Some thoughts on the last few thousand miles. Firstly, while I am very aware that I have a large amount of free time compared to most, I understand people that don't drive their sports cars much even less than I did when I first bought the car. The car has come alive since about seven or eight thousand miles, and I have c
  2. 800 miles in two years! Damn, that's a shame. I don't know what the thinking in the community is about this, but it's possible that Evora values will take a further hit when the replacement is released. Possibly worth selling now, and then if in a couple of years you really, really miss it you can buy another for much less money? That said, it could end up like the 997 GT3 or the 458, where values of the older car actually get a bit stronger.
  3. Really sorry, I totally forgot. I fired off an email to the wheel people just a minute ago! In the mean time, another pic. I went shopping, and when passing Ham Common I spotted a quick photo op with a fren An Evora Finds a Fren: A Short Story. by Alex D, on Flickr
  4. That is a fair point. Red with gold wheels was my first choice, but after looking at the reds that were either available or that Lotus would do, I decided against it. Preferred the green in the end. Damn it would be a good looking car though.
  5. It would look absolutely bloody glorious! I'll have a dig around and see if I can find the paint code, if not I'll call the shop tomorrow and see if anyone answers.
  6. I think they're a Ferrari Scuderia shade, if you'd like I can try and find the original details?
  7. Fair point about the smaller sills. That's why I suggested more of a speedster, you wouldn't have the bother of trying to make a roof, it would be roofless all the time. Anyway, I don't have the money or desire to comission one and nowhere close to the skills (or again, money) needed to try and make one myself. I still think it'd be cool as hell though, that concept looks amazing.
  8. Thank you! It's almost never this clean, it's nice to look out the window and see it like that. Wish I could drive it though.
  9. I wonder if you could get something that looked like the concept through an IVA? Yes, it would cost too much to build and not be 'worth' it, but damn what a glorious looking car to have as a one off. You could make it speedster style with a slightly cut down windscreen and all.
  10. It makes a lot of sense to have a 'face' and it makes even more sense to base that face on the Evija. Maybe that render isn't a million miles off, Autocar have to get it right one day with their endless attempts 😅🤣 Anyway, have a shot of a car at rest. 9,800 in seven months, very sad I didn't manage to crack 10k in six, but oh well. If the travel restrictions are relaxed in time for summer I can easily see 20,000 miles being clocked up in 12 months. Evora at Home by Alex D, on Flickr
  11. Are we talking about Racing Green Lotus'? Here's the most recent one of it being clean, at Caffeine & Machine. 8,300 miles in five months means it's rarely clean!
  12. I had no idea they existed until I stumbled upon them a week or so ago. I would have loved one if I had known, but none are IPS it seems. Still, that green one is gorgeous to my eyes, I have always loved the GTE widebody shape.
  13. Name: Lotus Evora Click to view: Lotus Evora
  14. But what would having a place to rest your elbows on long journeys, nicer buttons to press and indicator stalks that didn't feel like they were made out of 50p plastic do to take away from the purity of the experience? In my view, that comes from the engine, brakes, chassis balance, throttle response and so on, wouldn't you say? I don't have the car as my daily, but I have done 5,000 miles in it since August and yes, I like to drive it on long boring trips as well as on more exciting roads. I believe Lotus have positioned the car as a GT with a relatively quiet cabin, good luggage space
  15. I think the interior of the Evora GT410 is somewhat ill thought out (considering I believe it's pitched as a sort of sporting GT) and definitely not good enough for the money. The buttons don't have a satisfactory feel, the indicator stalks are crap, I don't think the analog speedomoeter is very legible, there's no door bins, the cupholder is in a rubbish position, there's no climate control, there's nowhere to rest your elbows when you're cruising along on a motorway. The head unit is fine, I use Android Auto on it so it doesn't bother me much. Hate the volume buttons though, would much prefe
  16. I think I can imagine the Hyundai being the winner, particularly if it's an automotive journalist(s) judging them. I think performance cars can get tiring if you drive them all the time, and the freshness of a car that's fun and exciting to drive but also one that you're able to (somewhat) sensibly exploit is easily enough to make it stand out. I largely agree with the Evora comments too. Driving experience? Phenomenal. Mechanical construction? Brilliant. Cabin construction, materials, feel and construction? Not up to what you might expect in a one hundred thousand pound car, which they
  17. Bibs, that doesn't look fun at all! I'm definitely looking forward to getting it back from the body shop and getting it on some proper low temp tyres. Got a whole winter of noisy V6 goodness ahead of me!
  18. I drive past these cars every day, one is usually parked on the road at Ham Common, and I wondered if the owner is on here? They're really lovely specs, both dark blue with silver wheels. Looks like the Evora is either an S or an NA, and the Elise is an S1. Seeing the Evora every day played no small part in me getting my own!
  19. Thanks so much for the kind words everyone! I'm really enjoying the owndership experience so far, and I love how many people have positive memories/experiences of Lotus in the past, normally though a father, uncle or grandfather owning one. It's really nice to be driving a British car from a maker that has proper heritage and history! It's been a bit of a slow month, I've only managed to out another 500 or so miles on it to tip it over 5,000 in about 80 days of ownership. Not bad going, but I could be doing a lot better! I'm really enjoying it, although the more the engine has free
  20. Thanks guys! Much appreciated. I think I'm going to go Alpin 4, The Wintercontacts look like the 'better' tyre but they don't come in the recommended winter sizes for the 19/20" wheels and I'm a sucker for doing things by the book. Looks like it'll be about £1,000 roughly for a set of them fitted, which isn't too bad. Hopefullt I'll get 2-3 winters out of them
  21. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a replacement for the Cup 2s on the GT410 coming into winter, and I'm torn between the PS4Ses and some more winter bias tyres like Alpins. How do you guys find the PS4S in the winter? Intend on driving the car in some pretty crappy conditions, and so I'm wondering if a winter sport tyre might allow me to explore more of the cars capabilities throughout the grotty UK winter. Thanks!
  22. Most likely a bit more. I got the car less VAT as I get that on one car every three years if I fit hand controls. The maths works (for me), I won't lose any more or less from financing it, it just means less outlay at zero risk, as there's almost no way it'll be worth less than £40k after two years. I reckon after two years I'll get something £58k for it if I give it back to B&C, I aim for it to have nearly 20k miles. The cost in depreciation will be probably something like £1k per month at worst case. If I had say leased a 911 GTS over the same two year period, it would cost m
  23. Eh, maybe it would have been more accurate to say that I'm 'in' for less than half list. I'm fully aware that it's not for everyone, but the 50/50 0% finance offer is a no-brainer for me. I don't intend on keeping the car long term (well, I might, but that's not the plan), it's a way of owning a lot of car for not much money and it doesn't cost me anything. Happy days.
  24. Oh gosh no, that's a mistake by them. I believe my best run was 163.43mph, which is pretty slow, but it's also not what this car's about. Between 50 and 100 it's just fab, which is the most relevant range I think for road and tight track driving. Thanks guys, I'll get some interior photos up. I met you Pits?! Woha. Well, I sure am enjoying the car, you got that right.
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