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  1. Yep Sat 25th would work for me as well
  2. Hey Martyn Alas mines '92 so you'll need to reduce your Pre '90 count
  3. Yep I'd be there for that Martyn, particularly with a 'club' area. I went to the June scramble last year and also agree - great all round array of motors and a very organized event.
  4. A few of the stickers on the instrument buttons on my binnacle have become worn so that you can't see the icons clearly (particularly Headlights). Does anybody know where I could buy a new set or does anyone have a printable file of them that I could use?
  5. Ah, The Newlands Corner meet would suit me perfectly. Do you know where I can find details on that? Thanks Pete
  6. Ouch! You never quite know on these things until you really start digging eh, might put a call in to Paul Matty to see if they've got some notes however. The v5 only shows 2 previous private owners, no dealers, so I shall remain hopeful!
  7. Blinkin ek I hope not Barry! This ones been pretty much unused for 20 years. So I'm playing the 'low mileage, everything original' vs 'what will collapse after 20 years sat looking pretty' game so far we're not doing too bad - ABS light has decided to say hello, but Max500 is investigating whilst I cross my fingers (as I hear 1st gen ABS can be a right pain to sort)
  8. Yep you got it... on a run to Max500 for some initial TLC I'm in SE1 Pete. How about you? Seems like London is the only region not covered by club representation... but then I guess there's not much use to be had for a 90s supercar in a mile long traffic jam haha! Thanks so much, will do!
  9. Hi All After many months of visiting the forum and benefiting from all your wisdom I'm very happy to now be the proud (and hopefully vaguely well informed!) owner of a '92 High Wing. Looking forward to being able to take a bit more of an active role in scene now and hopefully put something back. Here she is taking her first drink at the watering hole Ben
  10. @Maidstonejason How did it go with your C-Service at Maidstone Sports Cars? - did they meet your expectations?
  11. After many years and much saving I'm looking to purchase a Turbo Esprit - S3, HC or X180 models - ideally with a glass roof. I have sensible money to spend on a mechanically cherished example in good (but not necessarily excellent) condition and with an in depth history file. If any forum and/or club members are having to make that tough decision to sell over the winter then I'd welcome a conversation with you on being its next custodian. With Thanks Ben
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