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  1. I'm in London, which is always a pain on insurance. Classicline however have always managed to make something work for much less than the others.
  2. Hey Tocus, I could be interested in this, please put me on your list! '92 Highwing With thanks Ben
  3. I use this one for my daily - it fits very well and seems to avoid marring the paintwork. However it's on the priceier side:
  4. I'm already in the ULEZ zone, so I'm hit anyway 😂 Would certainly be up for taking the Esprit over
  5. If anyone's interested I've just posted up an almost complete toolkit on ebay Tools are showing some tarnishing, most of which I've been able to polish off, and would serve as a good starter set for anyone whose got a car without a kit at all. Auction runs until 6.30pm on Sunday 30th Jan
  6. Hi @martynv I see that the Autumn 2021 Sunday Scramble is on for 10th October. It was a great plan before and I'm wondering if you'd like to re-ignite a Forum show area?.. more than happy to help out with the admin if that helps?
  7. Hi Guys, Really sorry, but I can't make 19th. Gutted as this is going to be a great day out. Hopefully ValetPro run it again and I can attend then. Have fun!
  8. 1. Bibs. 2. Dan E 3. Bazza 907 4. Techyd (date dependant) 5. Dave Eds 6 & 7. Chillidoggy (Retired + retired wife) 8. Colin P 9. Benja-p
  9. benja-p

    Tool kit

    thanks for the headsup @Hornsey Boy!.. Decided not to go for it as I just need to find the posidrive screwdriver, the 8/10mm and 10/13mm spanners. The V8 kit looks like I would only get the posi out of it and it would be ashame to break up a kit just for that... but it went for a good price I reckon when compared to Merc and BMW kits, so somebody got lucky! My search continues!....
  10. benja-p

    Tool kit

    Hi Peter, Do you still have these tools for sale by any chance?
  11. A great bit of kit, but also a great sum of money ahaha!
  12. Not quite a piece of mechnical advice I'm afraid, but I've seen that Harry Metcalfe has got an automatic toll pass gizmo to help him through the Autoroute booths with a righthand drive car... Thought that was an excellent tip if you're doing the run alone to avoid endless contoritions getting in and out of the Esprit haha! Check the link at around 12min 30sec for a demo...
  13. Thanks do much for your organising efforts (& staying power!) Martin. A real shame that all the corona chaos meant we lost the area. I might still head over as its a good event and if you're looking to organise for spring 21 then certainly put my name on the list!
  14. Thought I should update this post with an admission of stupidity!.. i realised later that, even though the buttons look like they have stickers applied infact the icons are part of the buttons themselves. So if you have the same thing with them wearing off then alas the only option is to swap them for new ones. Sourcing from JAE looks good but I managed to get my headlight button direct from Lotus so give them a try also. There's a chance you can reach up and change over the lowest buttons on either side but really you should factor on having to remove the dash trim and do the job properly 😉
  15. An update to this post as I've been searching for a good match to my '92 Magnolia Leather. Fortunately I have the original leather blanking panel for the stereo still and this has lived in a box pretty much from new I reckon. Connolly seem to be back and supplying through UK Hide I received a sample of this - it's very beautiful but the grain is too smooth and the colour is a bit too light... plus the cost is way up there! The way I hear it Lotus ensured the Connolly name was in their brochure, but didn't use the expensive fine grade that Rolls Royce and Bentley used... and I suppose this top end one is what they are now producing to. I did find however that Autolux's Magnolia is an almost perfect match in colour, grain and thickness and is available at 2/3 the price of the Connolly, plus in half hides which makes it more suitable for the small jobs I need it for (handbrake gator, etc). Hope this helps future searchers of magnolia matches!
  16. Nice work Jukka, have subscribed and look forward to watching some of your content as it goes up. Ben
  17. I've checked this out on the link Geert and I think it's the other way isn't it? I have an SE running 245/50's on the rear but its time to change and due to lack of options I'm considering dropping to 245/45's. Inputting this into the link shows me that rather than doing 70mph the speedo would show 67mph? Now I'm even more confused! haha!
  18. Yep Sat 25th would work for me as well
  19. Hey Martyn Alas mines '92 so you'll need to reduce your Pre '90 count
  20. Yep I'd be there for that Martyn, particularly with a 'club' area. I went to the June scramble last year and also agree - great all round array of motors and a very organized event.
  21. A few of the stickers on the instrument buttons on my binnacle have become worn so that you can't see the icons clearly (particularly Headlights). Does anybody know where I could buy a new set or does anyone have a printable file of them that I could use?
  22. Ah, The Newlands Corner meet would suit me perfectly. Do you know where I can find details on that? Thanks Pete
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